keems’ art

Some of my art:


One thought on “keems’ art

  1. Came across your blog on waking times (The Internet told me to wake up). I like your style – and honesty!
    I’m old, retired, cosmologist and interrupted. Triple bypass in November. Didn’t affect my brain or typing, though some would disagree. From my blog you can figure out I’m a blabber mouth with an Angel complex, I want the Galactic Lightships orbiting earth to stop just watching us flush ourselves Dow the proverbial toilet.
    I guess I’m too much like those “I want it when I want it, and I want it NOW!” people who have been so programmed by Big Media, Big Corps, Big Pharma, Big Oil, (short list) and completely corrupt global chess players, that I feel powerless to fight back. (Sometimes)
    But I’ve got your back, Kim. DLTBKYD (Don’t let the bastards keep you down.)
    I’ll keep reading if you keep writing. Maybe I’ll start writing again myself. Luv yer stuff!
    Bill G.***+

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