Nothing on TV?: Tuesday, June 11

God is Dead?

Video for Black Sabbath’s new single God is Dead? directed by Peter Joseph (director of the Zeitgeist Movies)


Natural Farming with Masanobu Fukuoka

This is permaculture heaven.


I never wanted to be an activist

I never wanted to be sticking flyers in people’s faces and asking if they’d heard of The Zeitgeist Movement. I never wanted to go on awareness marches or plan movie screenings. This stuff totally isn’t my bag.

For those that have known me a long time, you know my bag. It is having a wicked fun time for as much of the time as I can, constant learning, constant laughter, plenty of alone time for reflection, and sleep. Lots and lots of sleep. I’ve probably more likely been viewed as a tad lazy or a partier. This thrust for a better world wasn’t in my nature, but it has become my nature. And it has for a very good reason. The train of thought promoted by TZM is the answer we have been looking for. It is the freest and fairest system you can imagine. It is the forefront of human thought. It will break us of the chains that we all feel, but few acknowledge. It will allow us ALL to have what we need to thrive.

I honestly feel I have no choice other than to spread these ideas. I put the tag line on our ZDay poster – “If you had the chance to change the world…..would you?” TZM is actually about CHANGING THE WORLD. I wouldn’t be on board if it wasn’t. People may have looked at me as lazy in my past, but I have come to realize lazy is not the appropriate term. The appropriate term would be “efficient.” I have never been an activist because it has never been worth my time to me. I’d rather hang out with my friends than go on marches. I’d rather have a few beers at a baseball game than call my senator. I’d rather go out dancing than sit in on a Friday and design ZDay posters. But when I stumbled onto TZM, I knew I’d found something so logical, so big, so new and so pertinent that I couldn’t not act.

I’ve had people say “it really looks like you’ve found you’re calling with zeitgeist.” While the sentiment is nice, it’s not accurate.

My personal calling is to make art and learn how the universe works. My personal calling is to spread the message of love and forgiveness and peace. My calling has nothing to do with Zeitgeist. The Zeitgeist Movement is beyond anything personal. This is not my calling. This is everyone’s calling.

TEDxO’Porto – Peter Joseph – Arriving at a Ressource-Based Economy

It is technically impossible for everyone to have their needs met in the current system. The economic game simply isn’t designed to allow everyone to live and prosper. It is a win-lose situation, regardless of the state of the world and what we are technically able to accomplish.

Please help share this one, and until it hits 15,000 times, then it will be included on the TED main official Youtube channel.

A day in the life of a Resource-Based Economy

Scenario 1: You wake up. You make your coffee. You read the paper. You see something that mentions Hawaii. You think “I’d love to go to Hawaii!” So you go online and you make a reservation. It doesn’t cost anything, but you have to make it in advance so that you get in the queue.

You go grab some eggs (from the farm down the street), and have some fresh oj from either your own oranges or the sky garden down the street. Now, it’s 9 am and you have a choice. You can: read, sunbathe, drink, work on those architectural plans for the park down the street, write in your blog, play your guitar, work on the farm next door, go help at an elderly facility, paint, be a project manager on the building site down the street, research quantum physics, teach, make clothes, do some chemistry, DO AND LEARN ANYTHING YOU WANT.

Scenario 2: It’s a beautiful day. You decide it’s a great day for sailing. You go down to the harbor to where they keep the boats. You sign out a boat for the day. It’s free. You return the boat when you’re done. This is known as shared resources and replaces the idea of ownership. Think about what a waste it is that we all own cars that sit in the driveway for hours a day, when someone else could be using it. Or your boat. Or your motorcycle or RV. Whatever. Let’s make these resources available to everyone, anytime of day.

There are a lot of companies based on this idea popping up now. Of course, there is a monetary fee involved right now, but it’s the same concept. Here are just a few: RelayRides, The Car Sharing Network, Airbnb. What these sites take take advantage of is a plethora of things, shared between neighbors who trust each other. So refreshing, right?

Scenario 3: You live in the city. You live in a place like in this picture. This is the 8 House in Copenhagen.  This is a building designed by Bjarke Ingels, who recently gave a TED talk on  “Hedonistic Sustainability.” This, and other buildings he’s designed, allow you to live in a city environment, with all the benefits of nature around you. And best of all, it’s completely sustainable. Beautiful architecture does not need to destroy our planet.

So you live in this amazing place, surrounded by your happy, friendly neighbors, who are all so happy because they and you no longer have to go to a job that means nothing to you and slave away just to make enough to live. Instead, you do work in a the field of your choice. Remember when you wanted to be a fireman when you were little? Remember how you always wanted to be a doctor? Remember how you thought it would be amazing to be an astronaut? In this sort of system, you are able to pursue anything you’ve ever wanted to, because nothing costs money. You are free to study and learn about anything you want, and the only thing keeping you from greatness is your own drive.

Scenario 4: You’re kind of a homebody. You don’t want to live in the super urban, science fiction-y looking cities. You want to experience the land and nature. So, you build an Earthship, which may look something like these pictures. Or totally different. Each Earthship is unique. But what they have in common is that they are entirely off-grid buildings.

They work entirely off solar, wind and geothermal. They are built out of discarded old tires, aluminum cans and glass bottles. They collect the rain water and it gets filtered and used throughout the entire house, eventually going to water your plants and then into a special septic system. You have a green house to grow you’re own food. And you never have to leave if you don’t want. (Personally, this is what I want to live in. There is an Earthship Academy, a three week course in how to build these, and I’m pushing for my husband to go!)

Scenario 5: You are a brilliant scientist, and you love to work, work, work. You are researching a vaccine for AIDS. Imagine going into your facility everyday, and knowing that money is not an object. If you need equipment, you put in an order for it. It gets shipped to you and there is no monetary transaction. If you need more space, you work on plans and propose them to your working group. If it’s agreed on and the central city systems database computer reviews the plans and they are in accordance with keeping the city, the people, and the planet healthy and sustained, you get the green light. Build away!

Scenario 6: You are an inventor. You are researching lighting sources. Right now, everyone is using LED lights. But you come up with something revolutionary that will change the face of lighting. You present your ideas to the technology working group in your area. They are astounded. They perform experiments, using the scientific method, to determine if this is legit. It is. They immediately input this information into the world wide systems database. It is reviewed by the computer program through a series of checks and balances that will let us know if it is safer, more efficient, and all around better for the planet and for the people. If it is, then it is incorporated into the production of light bulbs and the technology is updated. (Notice there is no concern about jobs, profit, or companies losing market shares because of a new technology in this scenario.)

Scenario 7: You have a family. A couple of kids. You want to love them and give them all the time in the world. You want to watch them grow and be involved in their lives. You want to encourage them and let them know you love them. You also want to spend time with your spouse, and your friends, and your extended family. Guess what? You can do all of that. Think about never having to work two or three jobs to support your family. Never having to work super late hours just to put food on the table or pay for your mortgage. You live in a nice place that has all the comforts you could ask and it doesn’t cost a cent. It is your right as a human to have shelter, and this right is recognized. You have all the fresh food and all the time in the world to prepare it. You are free to be with your loved ones and develop sustaining, loving relationships.

I could think of so many more scenarios, but so could you. Think about it. Really think about what this system would feel like, how it would feel to be in a world where you are as free as you can possibly be to do anything you want, AS LONG AS IT DOESN’T HURT ANYONE ELSE OR THE PLANET. Pretty simple rule, hmm? Yet seemingly so hard to accept.

If you read my posts, and you think this is a great idea but you don’t know how it can possibly be accomplished or what we can do to bring it about, I tell you: just tell someone about it. Tell someone about The Zeitgeist Movement. Tell them about The Venus Project.  Tell them about my blog. Have them watch Zeitgeist: Moving Forward (which is soon to be available on Netflix). The best and quickest way to action is to get people aware and to get them demanding change. Not everyone will have time or the will to promote this idea. But enough of us will, if enough of us know about it. One person can be the tipping point.

RBE for president, #3

And, the finale. Thanks, Neal!

Part 1 here. Part 2 here. Full post here.


So, what I propose is pretty dramatic, but could be very positive – during the first few months of the “presidency” in you want to call it that, scientists and engineers would work with all people who work the mundane jobs to figure out what can be made better, what can be automated, etc. This would be across the board in all sectors. We would begin a technical approach to society, working with the public, to arrive at the best decisions as to where and how to build in the most efficient and sustainable means possible. In the meantime, people need help now. So, to start, a large portion of the funds collected back to the people will be divided to the public in the form of an annual salary. All adults would receive a “basics” salary to make sure you can attain basic needs. Tax money will only be collected based on purchases, not your income. That money would go right back to infrastructure and the people. The key is to get as many people eating and off the streets as much as possible, as well as free health care. We need to begin eliminating the basic stresses now so that all people can meet basic fundamental needs.

Another dramatic proposal after beginning this journey is schedule a period of time when the entire public is OFF. I mean, anywhere from 1 to 3 months. People have been robbed of time, just like money, and we need to let the public begin to mend in other ways. During this time, people could actually get to know their families again, people could travel, see things they’ve never seen, meet people from places they’ve never heard of, and basically restore some unity in the human race. You can begin to erase ignorance and abberated behaviors in society if those people have the same opportunities as people who can enjoy leisure life. Some people have never seen anything outside their hometown and some have never met a person from overseas. This time could be a huge siesta in a sense, where people can be creative, experience new environments, foods and art forms; see views only experienced in magazine photos. People could learn about other cultures, learn new languages, and form relationships with people once thought to be “enemies”.  Through education and awareness we could inspire people to be contributors and constructive in their own creative way. There would be no shortage of things to do and everyone working together could begin bringing the formerly vastly divided humans back together.  This time off would most likely become a regular annual event, sort of like a month long holiday, where people can not only get time for themselves but also be encouraged to explore life and the planet.

My ideas extend beyond the borders of our country as well.  I would want to reach out to anyone who also realizes that basic roots of our problems and begin building an infrastructure in their region that could provide for everyone and alleviate stress, poverty, and violence. It would be a more common ground approach – For example, if a group in a particular region did resort to violence as a way to address certain situations, my approach would be more like – if we can get past small differences, address the issues that affect the masses, and work together to use our energies in building positive values and efficient, sustainable infrastructure, would you be willing to at least disarm? If not, call a cease fire and stop the killing/violence? As long as we remain a military force that occupies countries to extract resources and land, we will not feel very invited. If we actually went in there with an army of engineers and scientists and started paving the roads, getting the clean water running, building efficient housing, etc., I think those people would have a little more confidence in our efforts and may even “soften” a bit in favor of peace.

For those out there who think money and politics are the way to go, there are a few scenarios I can think of to challenge these concepts. As for politics – see above. Unless you like war, being heavily taxed, being told what to do,  whats good for you/what isn’t, and contributing to a system that supports all these massive financial structures (while you scrape along), then I see no reason to participate in such a system.

As for money, it can create a variety of scenarios – How about a wealthy guy (or girl) – who hops into their fancy, expensive car, and weaves through traffic thinking life is all good, and has an unfortunate encounter with someone not so fortunate. You see, driving behind him is a young man (or woman) who is very low income, in massive debt, and had to decide between paying rent to keep a roof over he and his family’s head, or pay for the failing brakes on the car. Well, he decided to pay rent so he wouldn’t be on the street, and he figured the brakes weren’t gone yet, so he’d probably be ok. Well on this day, the rich guy was weaving through traffic so much he didn’t see the cars stopped in the next lane and had to come to a fairly abrupt halt. The poor guy behind him also sees the stopped vehicles, yet when he brakes, the care doesn’t stop – and at full speed he plows into the back of the rich guys’ vehicle, igniting the gas tank and killing everyone in both vehicles. Did it matter that the guy was secure in his financial position, in the “safe”, expensive car? No it didn’t. It seems that deprivation in one part of society can cause ill effects in another part of society simply because is exists.

Another scenario – You don’t believe in universal health care, you think everyone should have to work for it, you don’t care much because you have money to afford it. However, as you got onto the metro one day, deciding not to drive, you didn’t realize how much you would want to change your ideas about universal health care. You see, another passenger on the train didn’t have money for health care, and because they are low income, they couldn’t take time off. So, they brought a highly contagious, potentially lethal illness into the train. Later on the news that night, a news brief comes on about an illness that sickened a train full of people, killing a few as well. Sure, someone with money may have been able to get some treatment, but they still had to go through the experience. In the worst case, their life could be taken. Is it worth all that to keep profits running through big corporations? Doesn’t it seem that – the healthier everyone is, the less likely anyone would have to go through such a traumatic situation?

You can envision situations like this happening in so many ways that could go bad – Wealthy person goes to the atm to grab some money for the big night out on the town, yet little did that person know that close by, another person who is starving and has nothing decided that to survive they would have to take from someone else. The wealthy person gets their cash out of the machine, the poor person steps out of the shadows firing a single shot to the head – the result – a dead person missed by many, and all for a relatively few bucks – and a person who just took their first step to what could be many more violent incidents, simply to survive.

Money itself is worthless. You can’t eat it, use it for fuel in a vehicle, use it for medicine, build with it, nothing! If you were floating in the ocean and you had two choices in places to go – one island in the distance to the left with a huge pile of cash, probably trillions of dollars, yet no animals, trees, vegetation, people, or shelter. Yet, to the right, there is another island – this one teaming with animals, vegetation, trees to build shelter and just a few people who have welcomed you to share in all their lands goodness – yet there isn’t a single dollar on the island, not even the idea of currency. Which of these places would you choose to inhabit? The answer should be clear. Money is just an idea. It was created in a time when society made it useful, but we have outgrown that idea. It seems to be a barrier to progress and root of greed and corruption. Yet, we have been convinced that it is more important than almost anything else, and we must all compete for a piece. We should not be surprised with any of this when the system is based on self-preservation and competition.

The point is, no matter how much wealth you gain, or how big you think you can build your wall – outside issues could cross into your world, leaving you wishing that there was more equality so that the person pointing a gun at your face doesn’t pull the trigger over a petty incident, or petty materials. As cold as this may sound, this is a reality for a lot of people. People who work at creating a better planet should be people who are in touch with these realities. We don’t have time to wait to hear the opinions of some very out of touch people, sitting in a fancy marble building. This just holds back all progress. Through the test of time, politics doesn’t seem to have fixed anything – many issues continue to get worst. The debates always sound the same, the politicians’ interest always sound the same – and they are not the same interests as the public. It may seem that way when they use their legal powers to create more restrictive policies and laws, but it’s only that way it you support it. If the masses stopped supporting the very things that hurt and enslave them, the monetary and political systems would fail very rapidly.

In the end, money will be a brief mechanism to build the high standard of living we ALL deserve and then spend the money away until the infrastructure is self-maintaining and the awareness of the public has moved away from the contrivance of currency. When that happens, the jobs will slowly fade away, and humans will perform like never before. No more restrictions to their time, their priorities are in order, the fear has dissipated, the knowledge and awareness constantly growing. We would enter space, we would have real solutions to natural disasters, we would see all humans co existing and working together for the betterment of their neighbor and environment. You’d see far less crime and violence, no wars for resources, no one telling you another human being is your enemy. You may actually begin to see what a true civilization should be, and begin to experience and embrace a four letter word that isn’t bad and is lacking in society – Love.

These are just some of the ideas I have, but if we presented ideas like this to the public in a big way, and challenged the political establishment in the next election, we could at least create a huge wave of interest and a general knowledge that there is a group of people out there who are thinking deeply about these things and proposing ideas that are truly in the best interest of everyone, including the 1%. I will say that I had a few people in mind I’d like to reach out to for an effort like this if it was actually to go anywhere. I think people who come from a political or financial background could beneficial in bridging differences, helping communicate with the public. Aside from all of you on the TZM Network, I’d reach out to for a variety of reasons – Peter Joseph, Jacques & Roxanne @ TVP, Jesse Ventura, Gerald Celente, David Degraw, Max Keiser, Dennis Kucinich, Bernie Sanders, Ron Paul, Richard Wilkinson, Robert Sapolsky, Gabor Mate, Dr. Robert Melamide, Rick Simpson, Dr. Stanislaw Burzynski, Raphael Mechoulam, Ben McCleish, Brandi Hume, and Matt Berkowitz to name a few

I’m sure many of you have other people and organizations to bring into the mix, but you get the idea – bring together the people of various studies, begin working towards phasing out money while increasing our technological understandings and production to create the abundance needed. I’d love to hear any feedback on this. Like Gandhi said, “Be the change you want to see in the world”. As much as I’ve enjoyed venting on forums with you all, hanging with activists, and watching the Occupiers begin a new awareness, nothing will work more than action. Besides civil disobedience, and mass non participation, running for office in this capacity may be our only chance… because I’m not seeing much change now with people sitting in tents, screaming at buildings, bickering amongst each other, or “voting” politicians into office…


Does this interest you? Did you read this whole thing and instead of wanting to hang yourself, you want to get up and figure out how to fix this? This train of thought is for the engineer in all of us.

I’ve got some good posts coming soon! Sorry for the haitus…I needed to come up with more shit to say :p


RBE for president, installment #2

Continued words from Neal Jones, just another member of The Zeitgeist Movement like myself. Regular ol’ people.

Installment #1 can be found here.


First things to cut:

Federal Reserve – It boggles my mind how contrivances control the world. We find out that the Fed was created in some very shady, back door manor and we still allow it to exist? They’re gone – and all the funds they’ve extracted over the years will be reallocated.

Federal Income Tax – Same as the FR, the public SHOULD know about the illegal income tax, that doesn’t pay for any infrastructure, is a voluntary tax, is not apportioned (redistributed equally), and that the 16th amendment did not change for the masses. Money that was collected from the public will finally be redistributed.

IRS – The goonsquad, fear mongering, wealth extractors will have to go

DEA – Drug use, or should I say abuse – is not a crime. No one should be told what to do in the privacy of their own home, as long as it does not harm or interfere with others. If someone abuses drugs, then better course of action is treatment and education. When I say education, I mean getting to the root cause of why people may abuse drugs and work to eliminate it as much as possible. Through my research, it seems that poverty, deprivation, and the stresses of getting by in life can make it very easy for people to resort to escapism in one way or another. It’s just a matter of moderation. The harder someone’s life may be, the more there is a chance someone could begin to abuse the altering of your body’s chemistry and consciousness. The way the system treats drugs in this day and age is anything but positive. DEA will be MIA in favor of education, treatment, and human rights. This would include releasing all restrictions on the studying and positive use of cannabis/cannabis hemp.

Wars – From military to drug – wars must be stopped in favor of reaching out, repairing relationships, creating a low stress environment, and providing necessities of life. All funds going towards science to hurt people will be reinvested in science to help people. Gone would be CIA, Blackwater, and any other secret special ops type of groups that use copious funds to do shady deeds. This includes the war on “Terror”.

TSA – The people who have been hired to grope and detain citizens would have to go. No longer will we be held up at transportation locations for a seemingly fictitious enemy we need to always be afraid of. We can address concerns of dangerous items with technology – like devices that only detect explosives and harmful items – quickly safely, and easily – maybe even before it gets into the location. The whole budget for this supposed war on terror would need to be reallocated. There are ways to make society safer without taking freedoms and causing fear and hysteria.

Restructuring of the FDA – We need this to be an organization that does not operate on the motive of profit, but making sure society is getting the best quality food, and safest most effective medicines. From my research, progress is stifled in favor of profits. This is very disturbing; particularly in recent research I’ve done about Dr. Stanislaw Burzynski and the stifling of his antineoplaston discoveries for cancer cures (same situation with Rick Simpson discovering multiple benefits of cannabis oil, like cancer curing properties). This would need a complete overhaul – including criminal charges for all the people maintained such a practice which made ill and/or killed many civilians.

Politics – Outdated method of trying to operate society. We do not need to give opinions to make a better planet, we need to be the self-correcting organisms that we are, and do away with old ideas that provably hold humans back, and not just Americans, but ALL people. We need to arrive at new ideas based on updated understandings, not the whims of a few people. The scientific method will be utilized to deal with problem solving – not war and violence. Many politicians could face criminal charges for upholding such a system that provably leads to practically every type of problem we see today.

Child Support System – Gone forever! The gov’t has no business in family’s business. This is yet another criminal institution that does nothing positive, and would be dismantled immediately. There are far better ways to handle family affairs, but our established system likes to do things the outdated old fashioned way – like jail people, take away rights, extract wealth,  leading to all sorts of neurosis, like suicides. With what I’ve been through, what I’ve read others have been through, and the testimony of Family Court whistleblowers, it appears this is one of the most corrupt and damaging parts of our system. The people who run this operation need to face criminal charges.

Debt forgiveness – All personal debt would have to go. There are many ways people fall into debt, but through education, we can show exactly how this system is based on debt, making it very difficult to avoid. People need to begin to be freed of various stresses, and this is one that would have to go. No one should be in debt to, or in a state of servitude to anyone else.

With the above actions, we can release those funds to various sectors to begin the transition. However, there are other things to address, that rightfully would be concerns for some.

First, I’d like to touch on crime – We would have to look at what truly is a crime and what isn’t. Murder, rape, and any type of harm from one person to another, would still be considered a crime, but also added to that list would be exploitation and profiteering. Personal choices in the privacy of one’s home, be it “drug” use, sexual orientation, religious practices – are no one’s business but those who wish to live the way they do.

All people in prison for simple possession and moderate drug use would be released immediately. People who have serious addiction problems would be released to treatment centers (and these facilities need to be high end). People who have committed actual crimes against people would need to re-evaluated. It seems through personal research that most people in jail for violent acts come from very harsh and difficult environments. After learning how this system works, one can see how these violent behaviors can manifest as well as spin out of control. The conclusion I have is that prison seems like the last type of environment you’d want to put a person from such a hard background. Prisons would need to be completely rebuilt as places ofactual rehabilitation. If these people came from hard, ugly conditions, give them clean, mentally and physically healthier conditions to dispel the aberrations.

This brings us to Police. I’m not sure exactly what the police force is supposed to be right now, but they don’t seem to be well known for protecting and serving. They seem more like a corrupt group who initiates violence, fear and harassment in the public’s homeland. Police will be assigned to real crimes against individuals, and any sort of unnecessary fear tactics and violence used against the public will be treated as just as much of a crime. There will be no more kicking in doors and shooting the dogs of people who are sitting in front of tv smoking a joint. Tax money will not be used to uphold prohibition and Mexican Drugs Wars, or any other unnecessary spending that just ends up creating a nanny state. Police will need to become problem solvers in society. They can reduce the danger of their occupation by reducing mechanisms which cause hard and unfair environments. All laws, and methods of law enforcement would need to be completely re-evaluated based on updated understandings.

Society has dealt with numerous problems and insufficiencies due to the issues I’ve discussed. Let us not forget that is hasn’t just been money that has been taken, but many lives as well. So many have lost their lives due to wars, hate built from propaganda and conditioning, restrictions of products that can help people in favor of tools that will hurt people, ridiculous laws and policies used to enslave people, and building a society around contrived, artificial ideas instead of reality. People have been manipulated, dumbed down, detached from real priorities, and forced / scared into maintaining this nonsense! Our council will not dumb people down, we will smarten them up! We want people to be well informed so that these types of harmful ideas couldn’t even make their way to fruition. We want people to reach their full potential, be as creative as they can be, and contribute on a level they never dreamed possible. To make this happen, we must create the conditions in which this would be possible.

One goal is to free people from monotonous, boring, repetitive, mundane work. That idea can confuse people because in this system, they are told they are worthless, lazy, and ignorant for not submitting to a job. But like it or not, working a job for a long period of time can lead to laziness and ignorance. It detaches you from reality because you have to focus on something else – maintaining a profit for some corporation. It robs you of time – something so important that is rarely discussed. When you are robbed of time, you face the loss of family cohesion, like barely seeing your kids or spouse and hardly knowing what’s happening in their lives (which leads to other familial problems); you don’t always have the time to get the exercise necessary to stay in shape or time to eat the right foods in your 30 minute lunch break at work –  this results in many health problems; the time robbed from you the whole day while you’re at work results in many just going home and “vegging” in front of petty entertainments like ridiculous tv shows and video games (and this is coming from a big movie and game fan). This results in people not paying attention to real problems in the world, and getting their quick sound bite news from corrupt media networks leading to mass misinformation. Even when one loses a job, why would they want to go back to such a waste of life type of environment? The only thing that keeps them going back is the fact that they need this stuff called money if they want to eat. That’s not very positive incentive, and it’s no wonder people resort to “hustling” as a way to acquire their needs. You have to pay people to work because most work is so mundane and, a lot of times, out of touch with the person’s interest. So in the end, you can see how the loss of time can result in laziness and ignorance. We would need to rethink “work” and create an environment where people can contribute, but also maintain a happy family and social life.

As a transition step, the jobs will be in full supply as we need to rebuild our entire infrastructure. We would need to do a complete survey of the planet to see what and how many resources we have. Rebuilding includes all levels of production to create new methods of energy, transportation, housing, food cultivation, and healthcare that are that absolute highest efficiency and quality using sustainable methods. The key is to use all the money taken from the public and put it back into humans and the environment. We can work with economists/former economists on the best way to do this; they contrived many ways money can work for them, now let’s make it work for the masses (for a while). During the rebuilding of the infrastructure, education and awareness would be in full swing. We want to show that we don’t all have to be cogs on a wheel – we can all be Einstein’s, DaVinci’s, and Fresco’s, but we have to be freed to do this. The new infrastructure would be created to basically run itself as much as possible so that humans can pursue new interests and more importantly, become better problem solvers.


Part three to come! Full post can be found here on the TZM social network site.

Systems are the secret

My readers. I am not writing these posts so to show you I’m right or that these ideas are right because I say so. I don’t think I am right because I am me. Instead, I think I have gathered enough evidence to convince me of certain truths; truths that if they are not brought to light and dealt with are going to destroy us (and by us I mean humanity). I am presenting evidence of problems on our planet that I have found through a lot of time of research (most don’t need me to present evidence, these stories are on the news every day). I am trying to sound a warning bell. And then I am trying to show that there are possible solutions to these problems. Solutions that are not my ideas or anything in anyway that I think I have come up with. I have instead joined a global network of people that are trying to advance an idea, a train of thought, a logical procession that shows that if we keep doing X, we will be sorry. So let’s try Y instead. So the call is for solutions, always solutions, to keep us from ultimately killing ourselves much sooner than we have to. Maybe they sound like radical solutions. Well, how could there be something that could heal our world without being radical?

And, lucky for us, right now a radical new physics is being discovered that can change our world. It’s based on the idea of spin and systems. All systems spin (like the earth, atoms, galaxies, etc). We need to learn to use that spin and apply it to not only physical phenomenon but social phenomenon. Please watch at least the first of the two videos. I found these tonight as I was writing this post. Coinkedink? I think not. It’s only 10 min and it explains things I’ve been trying to piece together since I learned about fractals. This is absolutely amazing, revelatory information everyone should hear.

This new physics tells us that we need to be thinking of all parts of the whole of the planet to heal it. We must think about healing all problems with large, over arching solution. Because we are in multiple system failure.  People rob and steal and kill each other, we are in two wars, unemployment is steadily staying high, our government cannot or refuses to compromise on anything, a billion people in the world are starving, there are civil wars all over the world, genocide, natural disasters are on the rise, weather patterns are changing and messing with animal species, the ice caps are melting at an alarming rate, our jobs are being taken over by technology (post about this topic coming shortly)…shall I go on?  We are on a precipice that many have been trying to warn us about but we ignored them. (President Carter comes to mind with his solar panels on the White House that Reagan promptly removed.)

The solutions that have so far been offered to our problems are lacking in that they only address any one or two given aspects of our system. They address just climate change, for instance. Or they just address crime. Or they just address jobs. Or they just address starving people.

The solution I want to strive for offers a solution to all of those problems. It is the resource based economy (RBE).

Maybe you think an RBE is a great idea, but you don’t think it could ever happen. How could we ever get people to agree to give up money? I know when you say it like this it sounds impossible. But you have to think of it in terms of steps, or parts, or (!) a system.

The first step is just awareness. Letting people know (like I am trying to do) that there are groups out there trying to do this. We are obviously still in that phase. Once awareness takes off and people come to this idea on their own, the idea will spread like wildfire.

There is a lot of info about transition and possible ways to do it. One idea that I particularly like is the idea of setting up new cities and infrastructure and feeding money into those as a temporary boost to the current economy. Get everyone back to work updating our cities to be 100% environmentally friendly, redesigned transportation and delivery systems and make everything look, well, futuristic. Because our technology can provide that future right now. So we boost the economy over a 10-15 year span while we rebuild for Earth. We rebuild the cities to each have a main frame computer. That main frame is connected to every other main frame in every other city and our resources are monitored electronically. Our water is always flowing, our food is always delivered (or we can go and pick it if we’d like), we always have a place to live because there will be enough homes built for all people. Jacque Fresco, industrial designer and founder of The Venus Project, has laid out plans for how to do all of this. His work is amazing and inspiring.

Buckminster Fuller said it’s not about fighting the current system. We should be building a new system that makes the old one obsolete.