Nothing on TV?: Tuesday, June 11

God is Dead?

Video for Black Sabbath’s new single God is Dead? directed by Peter Joseph (director of the Zeitgeist Movies)


Natural Farming with Masanobu Fukuoka

This is permaculture heaven.


Nothing on TV?: Sunday, June 9

Although I didn’t watch this on Sunday, I’ve been meaning to post it because it’s the awesomist.

The Quantum Activist

There is a revolution going on in science. A genuine paradigm shift. While mainstream science remains materialist, a substantial number of scientists are supporting and developing a paradigm based on the primacy of consciousness. Amit Goswami, Ph.D., a pioneer of this revolutionary new perspective within science, shares with us his vision of the unlimited potential of consciousness as the ground of all being, and how this revelation can actually help us to live better. The Quantum Activist tells the story of a man who challenges us to rethink our very notions of existence and reality, with a force and scope not felt since Einstein. This film bridges the gap between God and Science. The work of Goswami, with stunning precision and without straying from the rigors of quantum mechanics, reveals the overarching unity inherent in the worlds major religions and mystical traditions. Meet the man behind the message as Dr. Goswami tells how he moved away from the religious teachings of his childhood, to seek his path in nuclear and theoretical quantum physics, and how he has come full circle, through quantum insight, back to the very religious axioms offered as a youth. Written by  Ted Golder

The Fall, Hell on Earth and How to Remedy It

We have created a hell on Earth. Most of us remain blinded to its firey prison, but it’s here. Most of you reading this are probably only in the outer circle of hell, not the very center of the agony. You may have to work 8–10 hrs a day at a job you hate to pay your mortgage, but you have a house. You may worry that you won’t have enough to leave your kid when you die, but your kid eats three meals a day, has people to love it and people to teach it. You think your life doesn’t have much point, but you get enough joy in the few hours you get to spend with your friends and family to keep you ticking. You may medicate heavily with alcohol, pot or pharmaceuticals, but all in the name of unwinding, relaxing, kicking back. Yes, this is only the outside circle of hell.

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The “inherently evil” question

This post is dedicated to someone really important in my life. They will know who they are by the topic.

I think one of the greatest things holding back regular people from standing up to their government and the corporations who own them is they believe that people are inherently evil and that is why we will never be able to change anything on a mass scale. I have heard it said over and over – “People are bad! People are evil! People are corrupt!! People want power!! People are selfish!! We need elected officials to make laws for us because if they didn’t we’d all run around killing each other!!”

Damn, dude. Why the heck would anyone want to start a family? Or perpetuate their own lives at all, if they really believed that??

This black and white view of what humanity is is very damaging to the future of our species. Why don’t we instead take the view that something like moral actions (not doing things that hurt people) is a learned behavior. We do what we see as children and continue to act in those patterns until we are shown a very good reason to stop. Since birth we get showered with material crap and told it’s “ours.” And the more people like us, the more stuff we get at our birthdays. The more stuff we get, the more people like us and want to hang out with us. The idea of social acceptance is so based on money and material wealth it’s sickening.

When presented with that, why wouldn’t we want to go out and make as much money as we can, at whatever expense? Why wouldn’t we look at CEOs of huge corporations and think they are the ones to be emulated? They are winning in this system! Doesn’t it make you want to throw up in your mouth a little bit that the CEO of Phillip Morris, whose product LITERALLY kills thousands of people a year, is revered as a productive member of society, while an Occupier is jailed for sleeping in a park?

So, the fact that a few really messed up people (about 230 families) basically control the global economy and tell us these are the rules, is ACTUALLY the reason most people are acting in a non-empathetic way, not the fact that people are bad.

And herein lies what I believe about humanity. It’s basically a bell curve. There are a few people that are corrupt, most people can be easily swayed, and the ones trying to reveal the truth and institute a new cultural paradigm in this time of cultural depravity are looked at as naive, unsophisticated, stupid, or worse, crackpots. And right now, the money and the power are concentrated in the hands of the ones acting corrupt. So the masses are swayed by the lure of material wealth and all that comes with it (personal freedom and power).

So, we are not bad, we are easily swayed. Swayed towards the only thing that is looked as acceptable in our culture – make money, consume, make money, consume, think about self, make money, consume.

When talking to people about The Zeitgeist Movement I’ve had some say to me that it’s not money that’s the problem, it’s power. They are right. You can’t just get rid of money and think a Resource Based Economy will just happen naturally. It requires more than that – it requires the shift to believing in humanity rather than believing it’s doomed. It requires believing in your heart that people genuinely want to help others if given the opportunity. It requires believing that if people have their needs met, most people will not hoard more stuff, most people will not go out and steal more, most people will not try to hatch a plan to have power over others. If you’ve been loved, fed, sheltered, clothed and cared for, you would not feel the need to go out and trounce on top of others…what would be your reward? You wouldn’t get more “stuff” because “stuff” would be free. You wouldn’t have anything others didn’t have, because everything is open source. There would be absolutely no reason for someone to try to be more powerful than the next. It wouldn’t make sense in this context.

There are a plethora of new studies that say children as young as 15 months grasp the concept of equality and sharing. But instead of that making main stream news, we see stories about youth violence and gangs and depravity. We see what is cherry-picked for us to see on the main stream channels. TURN YOUR TV OFF. Turn your logical mind on.

By believing that YOU SHAPE YOURSELF, YOUR WORLD, YOUR CHILDREN AND YOUR COMMUNITY, you believe that you can change the world.

And in conclusion, I would like to offer this movie I just watched today, on Patriot’s Day of all things (I am a patriot of Earth). This is a compilation of Internet footage, with no identified narrator, no person taking credit.  It documents The Arab Spring, Occupy Wall Street, Transition Movement, Permaculture, The Zeitgeist Movement, The Venus Project and Anonymous. This movie is inspiring and to me is proof in the face of everything, that people are waking up, looking at the evil that has been spread far and wide and saying “Fuck, no. This isn’t my world. I didn’t have a part in making this. I AM NOT THIS. I AM NOT EVIL. I WON’T PARTICIPATE IN THIS ANYMORE. And I’m doing something about it.” This is proof that people can be swayed to good the same way they can be swayed to evil.

In fact, we are in the midst of an evolutionary change – global empathy. It’s going to be (and already is) beautiful.

What is happening and why it’s happening now

These short videos express EXACTLY how I feel and what I am trying to communicate in my blog. It’s religion, science, spirituality, humanity and love all wrapped up into what it means to be alive right now. If all is one and one is all, WE ARE  CREATORS AND WE SHAPE REALITY. It’s time we realized it. Enjoy!

Cymatics (how sound manipulates matter) or why love?

(I said in my last post that I would be posting next about how problems create jobs – I spoke too soon. These posts sort of come organically as I feel inspired to write about the topics, so that one will come a little later).

My last post implored you to be happy. And I told you that I feel like I’m one of the happiest people I know. And I mentioned my job as one the things I feel I have been able to bring into being by making the right choices, but I should clarify–anything economic-related that I may have referred to in the last post (job, and in the same token education), I do NOT believe was simply the fact of me wanting them and making good decisions that I have those. Some of that is due to chance – being born into the socioeconomic status that I was. Please don’t waste that chance if you have it. But I do realize no one can just make themselves happy if they don’t have enough to eat or pay rent.

[But so many don’t, and that’s why I promote an idea I’ll call “all things being equal, what can you do with your life?” How do we get them equal? Bring on the logical idea of creating an actual, sustainable system based on the idea that we can ALL benefit from the our technology and give everyone an extremely high standard of life.]

So the third question, the one about love, that I have come to ask myself as I live my life- that question has only entered my thinking as recently as maybe last summer. I am going to tell you the origins of it, and don’t laugh! Basically I read anything I an get my hands on about extra terrestrial stuff, I love Ancient Aliens on the History Channel, and I am pretty convinced they are here and have been for a long time, but whatevs. We definitely don’t have to agree on that. But what I read this summer in Family of Light by Barbara Marciniak changed my life, even if it didn’t convince me of the origins of the book (which was that it’s channeled words were from an alien race called the Pleiadians). I’m not sure I buy that, but the message that was delivered was beautiful. It said that the creational energy that brought our universe into being was love. And that love was the life sustaining force in the world. And it gave a scientific reason for this – and that is that love is a frequency.

Our bodies are full of energy. When our neurons fire, when we move, when all the electrons in all the atoms of our bodies are moving, when we digest food, all of this creates energy. Our moods create energy. We, as biological entities, give off electromagnetic frequencies. It’s just in the nature of organic matter. It’s always changing, moving, growing. Plus, we speak. We actually produce sound frequencies that propagate out into space.

And this is what waves (specifically sound waves in this case) do when they hit matter. This video shows a sound plate with sand on it as higher and higher frequencies are sent thru the plate. (This is a really really cool video. Please watch this one!)

As the frequency waves get higher, this causes matter to corral according to the interference pattern of the waves, which get more and more complicated. There are many other videos of other substances being manipulated. The range of diversity of the way matter acts depending on the notes, the vibration, be it liquid, plastic, or sand, is really cool, and it follows very familiar patterns – the patterns of life. Check out this video here about the Ascient Solfeggio frequencies, frequencies used in ancient Gregorian chants. (It starts a little slow, skip to :30 seconds). At 1:30 there is an amazing sequence where it shows how these frequencies relate to the Fiboncacci sequence as the building blocks of life.

What these videos prove is that the frequencies we give off literally affect the world around us. Think of your attitude. Think of the words you speak to people and how you speak them. Think of your body language. Think if you are smiling or not. All of these things add up to the electromagnetic frequencies that are eminating from you. And these frequencies will bounce around and hit other frequencies out in the world and create patterns. If you give off the frequencies of fear, pain and anger, those will propagate out into space and hit other waves of the same frequency (notice how negative people flock together?) and come back to you. You will be a node in that interference pattern created with those negative frequencies. Fear, pain and anger will continue to surround you.

But if you do the opposite and try to have the frequency of love eminating from you, you will draw the frequency of love to you.

The way I think of it is I try to hold the idea of doing everything from a place of love and then visualizing projecting that out into space. (It has been proven that if you visualize something, your brain actually can’t tell the difference between really doing it, and imagining doing it.)

If you try to always keep love coming from you, you will find that you can’t really do things that have bad intentions, and you will never “feel dumb.” And it won’t feel like you are being forced to “be good.” It won’t be like obeying a set of rules that a religion has laid out for you. It will be coming from you, organically, and will make you the one in charge, the one in power.

I don’t think being able to project love is easy. You basically have to work through all the negative stuff in your life, your heart, your relationships. That takes a lot of work. You need to get to the point where you feel you can forgive everyone that has wronged you. And by forgive, I really just mean let whatever it is your mad about, go. Just let it go. Harboring bad feelings and feelings of revenge and fear are the worst things you can do when you are trying to be happy.

I have had a fairly easy road to being able to “send out a frequency of love.” I know many people can’t say the same. A lot of people experience horrible pain, poverty, loss and abuse. What I hope by sharing this philosophy is that enough people will be sending out the frequency of love that it will change the nature of things and people won’t have to suffer like they do now.

And on top of that, if you want to change the behaviors of people, you have to change what the system reinforces. People will do whatever the system needs them to do to survive. And in the case of our current economic situation where the greediest, least empathetic people are praised and given million dollar bonuses, ethics, morality and love get thrown right out the window.

I want you to be happy

My husband and I were in the car on the way to his family’s early Christmas gathering and he had his iPod on. I was thinking about my blog and what it sort of meant to me and a Phish song came on that I had never heard before. (I was a Vermont hippie in high school and college and loved Phish, but haven’t listened to them in a while). The lyrics were “I want you to be happy, cuz this is your song too” (over and over, Phish style). I looked at the iPod and the song was called Joy on the album Joy.

That got met thinking that that is what my blog is really about. That is what I really, really want more than anything in the world. I want you to be happy. I want you and everyone else to be happy. That is what Keemseek is about. I want you to be able to let go of your anxieties, your insecurities, your fears, your depression, your obsession with what others think, of what society thinks, of what you feel your life “should” be, rather than what you want your life to be.

That’s all. Anything I write or talk about in this blog is about that. It’s not to “win” an argument or prove a point. It’s not to try to look smart, or outrageous, or to get attention. It’s not about me at all. I could give two sh!ts if you know me or who I am. What I do care about is that these words are reaching someone. Anyone. And helping them start making choices in their life that will make them happier.

Because I am happy. I can honestly tell you that I believe I am one of the happiest people I know. I am happy because I no longer feel jealous of other people—either for their looks, their money, their jobs, or their lives. I almost never compare myself to others anymore. I don’t really worry about what others think of me. I no longer fear confrontation. I no longer fear looking “dumb.” I no longer wonder if what I’m doing is “appropriate.” I have begun to make myself into the person I always wanted to be. And I feel that the path I’ve taken to happiness is available to anyone.

Not that it was easy. I have had to face myself several times, head on, and figure out what the fuck I was doing. I’ve been through depression, horrible social anxiety, a phase doing a lot of partying, disassociative issues (feeling like I’m not a part of real life), obsessive thoughts, and just general feelings of worthlessness or fakeness. A lot of mental shit. It’s exhausting.

But I went and got the help I needed, both with a therapist and a pharmacist. I was in therapy for maybe 4 months. I take a low (10 mg) dose of the antidepressant Lexapro daily. I like me some booze and some green. They help me relax and think about life.

And I slowly, over the last few years, started to choose to change my life. And, in retrospect, I’ve done it by making decisions based on three questions:

  1. Is this action going to bring me closer to my goals in life? 
  2. Is this action going to hurt anyone? 
  3. Does what I am about to do come from a place of love?

That’s it. That’s the secret to my happiness. Sounds easy, but as I’m sure you recognize, the path to all good things must be paved with conflicts.

1. Is this action going to bring me closer to my goals in life?

The problem most people have with making decisions that are going to make their life happier and closer to their goals is fear. Fear mostly of some kind of confrontation. How many of you are afraid to confront your boss about that issue you’ve been having? Or your husband or your wife or your coworker? How many of you are afraid of what will happen if you do that? Ask for what you deserve, tell someone what you need, put your two cents in? What would people think? What if you look weird, or stupid, or uncool? What if someone gets mad and yells? What if you have to be uncomfortable for a little bit?

But what if you got everything you’ve always wanted?

Now, number 1 can be found in many self-help books. I believe “The Secret” is sort of about this. But what isn’t in self-help books, but is in Eastern philosophy and many religious faiths, are the next two questions:

2. Is this action going to hurt anyone?

The other problem most people have with getting to be happy is that we often don’t think of how our actions affect others. And when we make a decision to do something that ends up hurting someone else, that pain and hurt will come back to us in some form. Some call this karma, some call it retribution. I personally didn’t start to fully understand that concept until a few months ago. When we do things to better our lives, but we hurt others in the process (implicitly or explicitly), we must see that that will not ultimately make us happy. When you put out bad energy, feelings, loss, hurt, there is no way you can maintain your happiness in that now-corrupted system. You cannot have more happiness at the expense of others’ happiness. It doesn’t work like that.

(Now I know it’s not possible in our current mode of society to always make decisions that don’t hurt anyone. We are bombarded daily with advertisements of the “best” products to buy and we don’t have the time to research what companies are practicing decent standards (which is very few but getting to be more I’ve noticed!). We have the things we’ve always used, ate, worn, and we’ve been brought up in a social system that tells us its NORMAL to not give a shit about the child slaves that sewed your sweater. (Amazing lecture here by Peter Joseph of the Zeitgeist Movement called “When Normality Becomes Distortion.“)  So we all think we’re being normal when we buy shit or do things that directly contribute to a system that in fact is functioning perfectly on all cylinders when 1 billion people in the world starve and the wealth is concentrated in the hands of a very few. But we need to wake up to the fact that is is NOT normal and in 100 years I hope people look back with disgust at our current modus operandi.)


3. Does what I am about to do come from a place of love?

As for making decisions based on love, the only way to really do this is to continually keep the idea of love in your heart and your head. Project it, feel it, resonate with it. Even if you look at the stupid driver that almost cut you off and want to take him out, breathe and remember he’s just a random person who might be having a bad day and realize the loving thing to do is to let it go. When you sit in a conversation with your friend and you’re trying to decide what to say to her story, realize it’s not about you, it’s about her, because she’s talking to you about her problem. When you can keep that in your head is when you will do all things from love and be the best friend, wife, husband, parent, sister, brother you can be. You won’t be perfect, but you will be always trying to be the best you can be, which is all that can be asked of any of us.

Now, after considering these three questions, make your decision. If it’s a good one, great! But if it turns out you made a bad decision for whatever reason, apologize, figure out what you did wrong, and don’t make the same mistake again.

I am where I’ve always wanted to be in my life. I love my job (graphic design) and I’ve worked to get into the exact situation I wanted (working for a small design firm that specializes in design for good causes); I have an absolutely amazing husband that I find myself lucky every day to have married, even on the days I want to kill him; I have effing awesome friends, some that I’ve had since since grammar school; I have a really great, loving, respectful, adult relationship with my parents; I have paid off most of my debt; I have made enough art (and sold some too!) that I finally feel comfortable calling myself an artist; I have begun volunteering; I am happy.

And now I’m writing this blog and trying to disseminate information on a new social system that could save our planet if everyone would give it a long enough look. Remember that feeling when you were a kid of wanting to do something big? Something really, really big?

I realize I have a huge luxury of time to be writing these posts and musing on these subjects (ie. I have no children yet). I realize now that I’ve chosen that for the moment because I was meant to write this blog and share these ideas. This blog is m’damn baby! So if you agree with me on these issues or think what I’m writing has any merit, please pass my baby on. This kind of world is only possible if you pass the ideas on.

Remember – every choice you make in your life is an opportunity to shape your life so you (and everyone else) can be happy. It’s up to you how many decisions you can afford this time and thought.

Peace and love!

The Occupiers, Jesus and New Agers are all really saying the same thing, Part II

When people start conducting their actions with love, from the heart, always with honesty, always with good intentions, we will begin the shift into this new awesome time period that Jesus and New Agers and now Occupy talk about (check out his video: Occupy Wall Street: The Revolution is Love)

Those that choose not to act in this way (because I know that 100% love probably sounds terrible to plenty of people), in essence choose not to live with us that do. So, in effect they will be cast out and “in hell.” The hell of their own creating because they’d rather pile up money and things and status than talk to the homeless guy on the corner and offer him a dollar and hello. They would be more than welcome to come and hang out with us if they would give up their selfish ways, but we won’t accept anything less than love and 100% pure intentions.

A lot of you might say this could never happen. This sort of “age” where everyone cares about each other. It’s wishful thinking right? Well, I don’t really think so. I hear people say all the time that “people are shit.” I still sometimes think that when I’m having a bad day or someone is a jackass to me. But then I think about the fact that there happen to also be a lot of people that aren’t shit. Some that are really good people. Amazing people! We all know those really selfless people that give and give. What about them? That there are some out there should be enough to sway our minds that it is possible for us to create a caring and just society.

And if you still say it could never happen, maybe you should look at yourself and see if you’re the person you think could never be like that.

Oh SNAP! No I di-int.

Now off to watch Ancient Aliens on History Channel. Peace, world!

The Occupiers, Jesus and New Agers are all really saying the same thing, Part I

I got some feedback that the blog seemed a little random, which I totally agree with. So I updated the keems is… page to try to pull it together a little more. Check it.

This post ended up becoming a 2-parter! Sheesh. Here is Part I. Part II to come…

Now to the nut meat.“Love Wins: A Book about Heaven, Hell, and the Fate of Every Person Who Ever Lived” is by Pastor Rob Bell. The book talks about the real meaning of Jesus’ teachings and how his message has been misinterpreted and twisted through organized religion in the 2000 years since was alive.

What Jesus was actually preaching was nothing less than revolutionary. It’s still revolutionary today, seeing as what Occupy is fighting for is based on the same ideas. If that sounds like horseshit to you, pick up a New Testament. What Jesus was teaching comes down to loving your neighbor as yourself, forgiveness, equality for all, and caring about and for each other. Jesus preached love. He preached humbling yourself.

He also said “Again I tell you, it is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to enter the kingdom of God.” (Matthew 19:24) I’m 100% positive that if Jesus were alive today, he would be an Occupier.  (Got many ideas here from a great piece just a few weeks into Occupy on the CNN Belief Blog: My Take: Occupy Wall Street looks like church to me by Marisa Egerstrom.)

New Age thinking is also based on the idea of love; as well as connections and being in tune with eachother and the planet so that we can take care of ourselves and it. I think the “new age” that New Agers talk about is actually one and the same as the one Jesus spoke of occurring after the horrors of Revelations (four horsemen of the apocolypse, plagues, earthquakes, etc.) I personally think we’re in the midst of this “Revelation” right now. Things aren’t going so well if you haven’t noticed. We are at a critical point in our history. If we don’t fix things fast, we won’t have much planet left to work with. By 2030 if the population keeps growing and we keep consuming like we do, we will need two Earths. Ummm, what the fuck are we supposed to when that happens? That’s not, like, a million years away. That’s 20 years from now. All the warnings about using up our resources are usually met with disdain by right-wingers and even some lefties.  And they’re right—if the population stayed completely stable. If the population halted exactly where it was right now, we could live on what we’ve got for a while yet (still not that long, but more in the realm of “we don’t need to concern ourselves with that yet”). But the fact is, we know our population is going to keep growing. (Unless people start dying off at an unbelievable rate…hmmm, what does that mean about people that insist we won’t run out of resources? Do they know something we don’t? A hearty side of conspiracy theory anyone?)

So, there are lots of us and we are running out of options. The only choice left is to conserve what we have left and begin a new paradigm, where every single choice we make must be to better our situation. Whether that’s your decision to switch off The Real Housewives or Jersey Shore, shop at the Good Will, give a buck to the homeless guy with the can, buy organic or local, volunteer, be a great friend and listen, or be a great parent and hug and kiss your child and encourage him/or her, or even just think something nice about another person. Just make it something that actually makes this world a better place in some way shape or form. And the really awesome thing that happens when you do these kinds of things? Other people see you do it, and it makes them feel good. And then they are more likely to do something similar. And then the people that see that person do something nice might all do something nice. It multiplies. Exponentially.

Because of that “butterfly effect,” this is what I have to say to those of you that think those small actions have no impact: You. Are. Wrong. Wonderfully, amazingly wrong.

“My Life as a Turkey” and Occupy Wall Street; or why I finally decided to start a blog

I was watching Nature on WBGH Monday night, and it was about a man, Joe Hutto that parented wild turkey chicks for over a year. It was called “My Life as a Turkey.” Hutto discovered that these turkeys were actually very affectionate animals, and one of them he named Sweat Pea sat on his lap quite frequently while he pet it. They were smart too. At one point they were walking around their usual territory and they came upon a tree stump which had obviously been felled by humans years ago. These turkeys surrounded the stump and clucked and chirped and investigated it and seem very disturbed. It was like they knew the tree had been cut down while it was alive.

Wild turkeys! Photo by D. Gordon E. Robertson

He also discovered that they had many different calls for various objects, animals and actions. And they played a lot—with other animals like deer and squirrels. As Hutto walked around with these turkeys day in and day out for over a year, they taught him to live in the moment. Turkeys (and other animals) aren’t wondering what’s going to happen next year or obsessing about what happened yesterday, they’re just enjoying the day and taking what comes.  And when this turkey guy said that, to live in the moment, for some reason it affected me more than any other time I’d heard that. And we’ve all heard that phrase, “Live in the moment” over and over again ad infinitum, but how many of us act on that advice? At that moment I decided to. For some reason seeing these very sentient turkeys stirred something in me. Right then I decided I was signing up for that volunteer opportunity I’d been thinking about, and  I also decided I was going to start a blog.

As my friends know, I’ve been berating them to listen to my ideas and posting like a madwoman on Facebook and writing all these sort of essays in my free time that it just seemed like it was time to accept it. I was going to start being a blogger.

Flag at an Occupy Boston march

Occupy Wall St stirred me in a way that I think I was waiting for. I had never felt this need to speak up before about “the system.” But seeing the outrage other people have about the issues in our society coalesced for me vague but intense feelings I’d had all my life—”something isn’t right” and “what the hell are our lives about”?

My entire life I’ve cried at the drop of a hat. When I see homeless people tears come to my eyes. I’ve started giving money to those that have signs on the side of the road, and I buy Spare Change Newspaper, and now I finally signed up to volunteer at Horizons for Homeless Children. I’m finally doing something about the great sadness I can feel when I see people struggling. And now Occupy is calling attention to the atrocities our society commits in the name of profit and I am 100% on board.

My parents are born-again Christians and as a child I went to church weekly. But at night I would lay awake and wonder what “God” was. Was God the universe? What’s outside of the universe? What’s outside of God? Over and over every night. “If there isn’t anything outside of God, why isn’t there? That’s impossible. How can He go until the end of time?” I freaked myself out time and again. It just didn’t make sense to me. It didn’t explain enough for me. God and religion also couldn’t answer the question, why are there starving people in the world. All I would get when I asked that was, God works in mysterious ways. And all I could think was “Bullshit.” God has nothing to do with why there are billions of suffering people in the world. It’s not “His will.” No god that I would ever want to be a part of would act like that. Isn’t God supposed to be infinite love? That certainly doesn’t look like love to me.

So, with this introduction, on this blog I am going to write about metaphysics and consciousness and humanity. I am going to try to share what I’ve learned in the hours I’ve spent researching these various issues. I’ve discovered so much relevant, smart and compelling material relating to society and science and suffering. And I want to share it with y’all! I welcome any and all comments that may induce further learning and understanding so please comment if you have something to say.

Stay tuned, mofos. It’s going to be a wild ride!