Birthday wishes

It was my birthday yesterday. One of my oldest and dearest friends gave me an amazing gift. It’s a journal. She saw the cover art and thought it was cool. And then she saw it was a journal and she thought oh even better, Kim probably needs a journal. Then she turned it over. This is what it said:


“The covers of the 12 blank journals in the Medicine Wheel series present an astrology of the earth taught by the renowned Native American Teacher Sun Bear.
The Rest and Cleansing Moon: January 20–Feb 18
Animal: Otter
Plant: Quaking Aspen
Mineral: Silver
Color: Silver
Element: Air (Butterfly Clan)

People born under this moon have the capacity to be extremely psychic and visionary as well as highly intellectual. They are always searching both philosophically and concretely for ways to help others. Otter people truly like others and make good, trustworthy friends. People of this moon love to talk, debate, and romantic pursuits, and excel at all three. Otter people need to remember to listen to their intuition. If they do, they are powerful dreamers who have the capacity to turn their dreams into reality.”


When I read it, tears came to my eyes. If my dreams can be made into realities, here are my birthday wishes. Will you help me realize them?

I wish that people would wake up, look at themselves, I mean really examine themselves, and figure out what their pain points are, what their strengths are, why your past has made you what you are, and understand how that information can and does affect your life every day.

I wish that people would forgive those that have wronged them.

I wish that money and material shit would have no relevance in anyone’s minds.

I wish that every person on this Earth would be able to appreciate its beauty because all of their needs are met and they no longer have to worry about where their next meal is coming from.

I wish that everyone would realize their worth and potential as humans. I wish more people would listen to their intuition instead of social constructs telling them what they are “supposed” to do, what they are supposed to be, and how they are supposed to live.

I wish people would stop listening to the fear the mainstream media spreads, and instead find news stories that inspire you to do something.

I wish people would be honest—with themselves and their loved ones.

I wish the horrifying game of the monetary system would be ended once and for all, so that we can finally understand who we are, how powerful we are, and that we can heal this Earth and ourselves.

I wish for you all to love yourselves and love each other.

I wish for peace for the human family.