My Permaculture-based Garden Plan

Hullo! Long time no blog. I have been so busy doing stuff that I haven’t had time to write about it. Isn’t that always the way?

Well, spring is here, and I have my permaculture-based garden plan all set and ready to go. The funny thing is, I have never had ANY kind of garden, much less something permaculture-based. I have a sneaking suspicion it’s kind of ambitious for a newbie, but that’s just the way I roll. If I can’t do some of it or don’t have time…so be it.

So some of the site considerations I needed to take into account with this plan are:

– I am living in an apartment building owned by my sister and brother-in-law, and I’m not planning on being here more than a year or two. Therefore, I didn’t want to have anything going on that would require intensive moving and transplanting or that would need fairly continual maintenance. However, since the building is owned by family, I was able to be a bit freer than if I was just in a random rented apartment. And my family is excited about the improvements to the property, so they’ve basically let me dream up what I thought would be best.

– To that tune of minimal maintenance and leaving the property still aesthetically pleasing, when my husband and I leave the property (if no one wants to use the annual production area) I am planning on covering the terraces with clover, violet and other grasses to cover the bare soil that is left after the annuals are gone. Mixed in with the annuals are flowers and herbs, and those could stay and keep growing. There is a good possibility that even after I move I will be living fairly near this property, so if anything did need maintenance, I should be able to do some.

– This is a low-income neighborhood that has children in it, so I didn’t want to put in anything that couldn’t be eaten right off the plant (like elderberry) in case kids were grazing on the bushes. I also wanted to put in edibles that were pretty familiar so that people would know for sure they could eat it, even if I wasn’t able to explain to people what things are.

My goals were:

– To grow as much food and medicine this year and next as I thought I could manage

– To beautify the yard and space

– To gift my sister and bro-in-law with something that will increase the value of their property

– To leave something for the other tenants and neighbors to possibly be inspired to continue caring for

– To leave food producing plants to people that possibly have food insecurity

I am sharing this because I would LOVE to get feedback about it. A lot of the annual arrangements and companion plantings I planned out with the exhaustive use of googling….how much space to cucumbers need?  how many tomatoes should i plant? what are good companions to cabbage? what shouldn’t be planted near each other? and on and on and on. So there could be some serious errors of judgement contained in this plan, and I would very much appreciate it if you pointed them out.

Also, because I’m a graphic designer, the actual look of this layout is really not up to my standards, but I had to get it done quick and dirty. I wish I had time to make it prettier…but that’s the perfectionist in me! Also, interplantings of herbs and flowers among the annuals are just written in, with no colored circle icons.

Aight, without further ado…
Click here to see a larger version that you can zoom in on.

perm_plan_56 fairfield_2-13-14

Happy spring everyone! Thanks in advance for any feedback!


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