You Are What You Eat (Part II)

I was writing this whole descriptive post about this film Forks Over Knives, which is the main thing I want to share in this Part II, and I was getting really sick of the sound of my own writing. I’m going to let the trailor, a summary, and your intense curiosity about it drive your interest to watch it.

It is a documentary examining the overwhelming evidence that reveals something that might be astonishing to some: our skyrocketing rates of cancer, heart disease and diabetes could be turned around with a wink. It documents the work of American physician Caldwell Esselstyn and Cornell professor of nutritional biochemistry T. Colin Campbell. Their many, many research findings and clinical studies all point to one fact: animal products (anything made with milk, meat, or eggs) eaten as more than 5% of your diet causes a sharp increase of your risk of getting cancer, heart disease and diabetes. Not only that, cancer patients, heart disease patients and diabetes patients are reversing their diseases by foregoing almost all animal products and switching to whole foods, plant based-diets. Oh, and they also have a lot more energy and are much healthier in all respects.

Cows milk, meat and eggs are killing us. (Oh, and sugar too but I already covered that in the last post.) All while the government massively subsidizes those industries and represses fun facts, like countries with the highest consumption of dairy products also happen to have the highest rates of osteoporosis. Headscratcher, right?

If you are in anyway concerned with your health, your family’s health, your children’s health or anyone because of diabetes, cancer, heart diseases, obesity, or anything related, please stream this on Netflix or rent from wherever you get movies, because it might literally save a life.

Enjoy! (At least watch the trailor, it’s like 2 minutes)

Just so it stays personal, I am currently trying to have as many veggie meals per week as I can get my husband to agree to (he’s awesome, he says “why should I care if there’s meat in there if it tastes good?”). I’ll keep you updated on the progress and maybe share some recipes.


3 thoughts on “You Are What You Eat (Part II)

  1. I did cut down the meat in my diet as well (need to cut back even more), and I lost about 80lbs, I have less fragmented thoughts(I have ADD pretty bad), I have much fewer stomach problems(IBS). This movie and “fat, sick, and nearly dead” were the two influences that I had to change my lifestyle. I love to cook and do it for a living part time so I have been experimenting with substituting healthy ingredients into recipes so that my family, who is very picky, will eat healthier too.

    • that’s awesome! actually, fat sick and nearly dead was a big one for me and my husband too. it just really struck a chord. good for you for losing all that weight. i haven’t cut all animal products out of my diet either. i have cut down drastically, but i’m having a tough time thinking of reducing my cheese intake. i love it! but each little bit in time, i guess. and if i can get to the 5% mark, i’ll feel pretty good about it.

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