This is happening

Let me preface this post with the statement that I do not think all cops are bad and corrupt. There are plenty of good ones out there I’m sure (although I have to honestly say I haven’t seen or heard much about the good ones lately). And if you are a cop or you know one who isn’t like what this video is showing, then wonderful. But if you are watching your fellow officers act like this and keeping silent, that means you are COMPLICIT in the violence and abuse.

I am absolutely sickened by what is in this footage. It’s hard to watch, but it’s absolutely necessary for people to know that this is going on. This is straight up abuse of the highest magnitude. Just an example of what’s in this video: a man was in a car accident and was on the side of the road, naked, covered in blood, with second degree burns on his body, basically catatonic, sitting indian style. Instead of ASKING THE MAN IF HE WAS OKAY AND CALLING FOR AN AMBULANCE, these cops ordered him to LIE FACE DOWN so they could approach him. When he didn’t (or couldn’t), they began tazing him. Several times. And then they shot him. HE WAS A CAR ACCIDENT VICTIM. And because the officer was, and I quote, “really bothered by the blood” and “didn’t want to touch the guy because of all the blood” they thought there was a danger to THEIR safety. Are you kidding me? Oh, and the cops got off with no charges.

And then there’s the woman who called the cops b/c she felt threatened by someone, and the cops show up, mistake HER as the aggressor, arrest her, take her to the station, STRIP HER NAKED WHILE SHE’S HANDCUFFED AND SCREAMING and leave her in a cell for 6 HOURS, naked. Last two people in the room with her when she was stripped were two male cops. The footage is vomit inducing. Again, no charges of wrong doing to the cops.

Let’s not forget that our TAXES pay these cops’ salaries. They work for us. They work for the people. They are supposed to be here to protect us, not bully us. My husband was driving through a Dunkin Donuts and there was a car parked in the lane right in front of the DD. This is not a parking space, it’s a driving lane. There were plenty of parking spaces. So as my husband drove around the car, having to go into the oncoming traffic lane, he gave the dude in the car a look. As my husband pulled into our parking lot, the car FOLLOWED him. The guy said “was I in your way?” and husband said “you’d be surprised how many people park there.” And the guy goes “well, I’m a cop, so…”. Husband stared and said “sooo, does that make you priviledged?” Cop gets taken aback and drives off. Cop is NOT in a police car so is obviously off duty.

I realize this is a very minor incident compared to what is shown in this film, but it’s just another example of the attitude.

How are people that are supposed to work for our safety going to act like they are above the law? YOU ARE NOT THE LAW. You are there to uphold it.

I’ll tell you what—I’m terrified of cops. And someone might say “well, if you’re doing nothing wrong there’s nothing to be afraid of.” The problem lies in the fact that my “doing nothing wrong” and their “doing nothing wrong” is vastly different.

And a story close to home:


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