We are all ONE

Quantum mechanics and super string theory now tell us we are and this whole world is all pure consciousness, just a function of the wave property of consciousness. Our thoughts and intentions create this world. Awaken your consciousness, change the world. If you don’t understand what that means, take a few minutes everyday to sit with your thoughts and think about who you are, why you’re here, what you’re doing and what it all means. You will only understand when you start being conscious of your consciousness. Being self-aware is the first step to understanding and liberation.



5 thoughts on “We are all ONE

  1. Hi there again!

    Sorry to spoil this one, but John Hagelin is another one of those people who claim to know about things that they have no clue about. He is a cult leader and although he has a Ph.D. from Harvard, the only way you can call him a scientist or physicist is if you use the word FORMER before these professions.

    “//There has been no replication by other scientists, no control groups, and no publications in reputable peer reviewed scientific journals to confirm the Maharishi Effect.//”

    Some credible sources about him:

    I am Me and you are You, but we do have same origins, and we are made from same “stuff”. The only way you can change the world with your thoughts is by acting on those thoughts!

    PS. I hope to build my own Earthship some day and It was great to see the post about building one.

    Best of wishes,

    • Oh Martin!
      I haven’t read the links you provided but I definitely will. But maybe it’s a question of semantics. Quantum physics proves over and over if we observe an electron, it behaves like a particle (meaning it has real physical presence and enters the physically observable world). If we do not observe it, it stays as a wave of possibilities of where it might end up. Now, if our thoughts and intentions change what we FOCUS on, then what we focus on collapses into existence. That is what I’m trying to say. Until we focus on something, it remains in a state of possibility. Once we focus our thoughts and intentions to what we want, then where ever we look things will collapse from possibility to reality.

      More later…..

    • Hey again – read all your links and they don’t really do anything for me. Maybe John Hagelin takes it a little far in terms of the mass meditation claims and his Transcendental Meditation group/cult whatever it is, but this video wasn’t about that. And, just because he may have taken it too far doesn’t mean there isn’t truth in there somewhere. Come on, you’re a Zeitgeist supporter. We all know that our environment plays a ridiculous role in our lives, and just because we have some parts of us that are off kilter, doesn’t mean there isn’t truth behind what is moving us forward. The Secret (which I’ve refused to read because of the fact that it says you can get wealth from it) sounds like it is a definitively simplified version of what I think the truth is. Yes, what you focus us expands, what you think about causes you to look in different places for answers, and that in turn opens up avenues and can change your life and the world. But in no way am I suggesting that you just sit on your ass and wish for something and it will happen. What I am saying is that most people think about the future in terms of “what is going to happen to me?” instead of “what can I do to make my life the way I want it?” And I think the fact that us observing or even THINKING about observing an electron makes it collapse into physical reality means something beyond just that. It means our future is just a wave of possibilities. You can make your life what you want of it (to an extent – as a TZMer I don’t think everyone has the same opportunities and what I’m suggesting would really only be possible for everyone in an RBE). But we do shape our reality.

      I would personally LOVE to see a well funded, peer reviewed study of mass meditation but, oh wait, no one in this current system would EVER fund something like that.

  2. We will not find peace and Oneness until we learn to listen to others. It is our personal experiences and expressions that impact others in a positive or negative way. We all experience life in different ways but that is not what divides and separates one from another, but our past. Until we get past our old beliefs and just listen with our hearts and not judge others perceptions of reality we will be in the fight. I truly admire John Hagelen’s generous and kind work. He is awakening many in a way no one else can. Especially in the field of education. He has the respect of many peace seekers and lovers of truth and he wants what we all want Peace!. I give this interview five starts.

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