Waking Times

I have been away too long! Schedule changes, not as much alone time to write, but I’m working on it! I have a few posts in the works that are long and complex. I was hoping to pull those out of me before this Sunday, but it’s not gonna happen. Sunday is the big day that my husband and I leave to go help build an Earthship for a week in Vermont! I’m really excited, but a tad worried about the manual labor. There are sledgehammers involved. ‘Nuff said.

This post is to promote a great site that I am now a contributing writer for—Waking Times. Waking Times has culled writings from several contributors and it’s editor, Dylan Charles. It covers varying topics but all revolve around natural health, elevated consciousness, and sustainable living. Dylan and I were discussing how we were working together (I designed their new logo that’s up on the site) in real examples of a living, resource-based economy. I was choosing to do his logo pro bono, and at the same time he told me how he was helping out another organization with their site pro bono. Our reward is seeing that we are helping the world move forward towards a better place, not money. While I realize not everyone has the time to do pro bono projects and give their time away for free (at least in this sort of economy), the more of us that can do it, the better off things will get.

Wish me luck as I go learn how to build an off-grid, passive solar, amazingly beautiful and functional home. I will post pictures and write about it when I get back. Peace out!




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