“exchanges,” and Tom Campbell My Big TOE Theory

I decided to start a page on my blog called “exchanges,” after having a recent back and forth with a guy named Martin (a member, like me, of The Zeitgeist Movement and The Venus Project) on the comments of my post “What is happening and why it’s happening now.

I have had some back and forths with my father that I’ve thought of posting, but I haven’t asked his permission yet. You up for that, Dadio?

I like having comments and criticism and my mistakes  pointed out, and that’s what these exchanges are about. Ideas from different perspectives. How are you and I going to agree on the world if we don’t discuss our perceptions and where those perceptions are coming from? That’s how you learn and grow and gain knowledge and ultimately, information.

Which leads me into my my latest response in the exchange with Martin, which happens to be the subject of the rest of this post: Tom Cambell’s “My Big TOE (Theory Of Everything).

This talk by NASA physicist Tom Cambell is a theory that sort of combines consciousness and measurable physical reality. I have seen this talk posted on Facebook for a couple of weeks, but just got around to watching it. It is a brilliant way to combine quantum physics, the nature of reality, and consciousness in a way I had never heard of before. Enjoy!


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