I never wanted to be an activist

I never wanted to be sticking flyers in people’s faces and asking if they’d heard of The Zeitgeist Movement. I never wanted to go on awareness marches or plan movie screenings. This stuff totally isn’t my bag.

For those that have known me a long time, you know my bag. It is having a wicked fun time for as much of the time as I can, constant learning, constant laughter, plenty of alone time for reflection, and sleep. Lots and lots of sleep. I’ve probably more likely been viewed as a tad lazy or a partier. This thrust for a better world wasn’t in my nature, but it has become my nature. And it has for a very good reason. The train of thought promoted by TZM is the answer we have been looking for. It is the freest and fairest system you can imagine. It is the forefront of human thought. It will break us of the chains that we all feel, but few acknowledge. It will allow us ALL to have what we need to thrive.

I honestly feel I have no choice other than to spread these ideas. I put the tag line on our ZDay poster – “If you had the chance to change the world…..would you?” TZM is actually about CHANGING THE WORLD. I wouldn’t be on board if it wasn’t. People may have looked at me as lazy in my past, but I have come to realize lazy is not the appropriate term. The appropriate term would be “efficient.” I have never been an activist because it has never been worth my time to me. I’d rather hang out with my friends than go on marches. I’d rather have a few beers at a baseball game than call my senator. I’d rather go out dancing than sit in on a Friday and design ZDay posters. But when I stumbled onto TZM, I knew I’d found something so logical, so big, so new and so pertinent that I couldn’t not act.

I’ve had people say “it really looks like you’ve found you’re calling with zeitgeist.” While the sentiment is nice, it’s not accurate.

My personal calling is to make art and learn how the universe works. My personal calling is to spread the message of love and forgiveness and peace. My calling has nothing to do with Zeitgeist. The Zeitgeist Movement is beyond anything personal. This is not my calling. This is everyone’s calling.


4 thoughts on “I never wanted to be an activist

  1. Incredible article. Thank you. Was the attached video a part of your article or just an ad. The content of the video would make an excellent opening for a presentation of the Zeitgeist philosophy as I understand it. Change the world, what a wonderfully attainable concept.

    • hi frank. thank you! i’m not sure which video you are referring to – it looks like you commented on the post titled “i never wanted to be an activist” and there’s no video in that post. can you clarify?? thanks!!

      • Good Morning, well morning for me anyway,lol. I was indeed commenting on the article “I never wanted to be an activist” At the bottom there was an ad video for “Ted 2023” I’m going to pull it up and post it on my Facebook & TZM page as well as your article. It was a TEDS promotional video for world change that tied in perfectly with your wonderful article. Keep writing I’ll keep posting

  2. I liked your word’s here, very inspiring. I have currently just undergo starting a blog. Quite enjoying the experience i must say. Well not so much the negative view’s i’ve been receiving. General sleepy people comment’s nothing to worry about like. I just wanted to say thank you. I shall be adding this to my RSS feed.

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