TEDxO’Porto – Peter Joseph – Arriving at a Ressource-Based Economy

It is technically impossible for everyone to have their needs met in the current system. The economic game simply isn’t designed to allow everyone to live and prosper. It is a win-lose situation, regardless of the state of the world and what we are technically able to accomplish.

Please help share this one, and until it hits 15,000 times, then it will be included on the TED main official Youtube channel.


6 thoughts on “TEDxO’Porto – Peter Joseph – Arriving at a Ressource-Based Economy

  1. I love the fact that Peter is speaking slower than usual. My mind does not digest things as fast as he is able to feed info. Hope this makes it. Thanks for the opportunity to SHARE.

  2. Hi everybody. (My first comment here)
    i’m also a zeitgeist and RBE enthusiastic, from Brazil. Actually, the fact that Peter is speaking slower is helping me a lot to understand the whole point, the whole speech of him. And not just me. It’s extremely important to do so, cause most of the people that must know his ideas, that must “awake”, don’t have English as their mother language.
    Thanks to share this video. And i like a lot all of your other posts. Nice job!

    • you are right belmonte. i know the movement is hard at work trying to translate things, but im sure they could always use more help. i (stupidly and sadly) don’t speak another language or i would help to do that! thanks for reading and i wish you luck spreading the word down in brazil! do you have a local chapter?

      • actually i don’t know if we have here in my city a local chapter, but i’m trying to find one. I try to “convince” a lot of people that I know about Zeitgeist ideas. But it’s hard:
        First because how can I start to chat this type of subject out of nothing. Every context possible i use to link with this ideas. Sometimes it’s kinda of annoying to me and others, but i try to do my best.
        And second, most people immediately call all this stuff “Utopia”. That makes me really mad! Cause people are not even interested in something new, something different, out of the box, witch makes me sad. The resistance to change is pretty huge!

  3. Thanks for posting this, Peter Joseph does a pretty good job, although I expected he’d talk about the transition a bit more.
    This weekend I’m going to be presenting what I call the Price of Zero transition model. A way of transitioning to an RBE by using sustainable communities.
    I’ll try posting a video on the http://www.Zeitgeistaustralia.org website when the video is up.

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