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I’ve been following some global financial stuff not being covered in the main stream media (in general). It mostly has to do with top level bankers resigning enmasse all over the world. If you google it you can find tons of links to separate stories about resignations, but if you look at the complied list, it’s astounding.

And I actually think the number of resignations is now up to 102.

And then there’s this:

Lord James of Blackheath, House of Lords February 16 2012
Breaking news Lord James of Blackheath has spoken in the House of Lords holding evidence of three transactions of 5 Trillion each and a transaction of 750,000 metric tonnes of gold and has called for an investigation.

I think there are three possible conclusions that may come from it. I think there may have been a massive piece of money laundering committed by a major government which ought to know better and that it has effectively undermined the integrity of the British bank the Royal Bank of Scotland, in doing so. The second alternative is that a major American department has an agency that has gone rogue on it because it has been wound up and has created a structure out of which they are seeking to get at least 50 billion Euros as a payoff. And the third possibility is that this is an extraordinarily elaborate fraud which has not been carried out but which has been prepared in order to provide a threat to one government or more if they don’t pay them off. So there are three possibilities and this all needs a very urgent review.

My Lords, it starts in April and May of 2009, with the alleged transfer to the United Kingdom, to HSBC of a sum of 5 trillion dollars and seven days later, in comes another 5 trillion dollars to HSBC, and then 3 weeks later another 5 trillion. 5 trillion in each case. Sorry. A total of 15 trillion dollars is alleged to have been passed into the hands of HSBC for onward transit to the Royal Bank of Scotland and we need to look at where this came from and what the history of this money is. And I have been trying to sort out the sequence by which this money has been created and from where it has come from for a long time.


And then there’s this:

Judge Napolitano (who I really am not a fan of) talking about how Timothy Geithner was questioned about bailout stuff. (And yes, I realize it’s Fox News, the den of filth, but once in a while they report on things the main stream media doesn’t cover).



And then I saw a video from a 2010 episode of Dylan Ratigan on MSNBC:

Federal Reserve Fraud exposed on The Dylan Ratigan Show.


Just sayin’….the shit’s going down at the top levels.

Look at that, I got Faux News, MSNBC, and the British equivalent of CSPAN in one post. Not too shabs.


2 thoughts on “Financial Stuff

  1. Kinda makes ya wonder if there is any news…earthshaking enough to awaken Journalist who work for Main Stream Media to respond. Is journalism dead? I am currently reading articles by jon rappaport that are very well researched. I will look to see if he has covered this topic at all.
    Good work Kim.

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