RBE for president, #3

And, the finale. Thanks, Neal!

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So, what I propose is pretty dramatic, but could be very positive – during the first few months of the “presidency” in you want to call it that, scientists and engineers would work with all people who work the mundane jobs to figure out what can be made better, what can be automated, etc. This would be across the board in all sectors. We would begin a technical approach to society, working with the public, to arrive at the best decisions as to where and how to build in the most efficient and sustainable means possible. In the meantime, people need help now. So, to start, a large portion of the funds collected back to the people will be divided to the public in the form of an annual salary. All adults would receive a “basics” salary to make sure you can attain basic needs. Tax money will only be collected based on purchases, not your income. That money would go right back to infrastructure and the people. The key is to get as many people eating and off the streets as much as possible, as well as free health care. We need to begin eliminating the basic stresses now so that all people can meet basic fundamental needs.

Another dramatic proposal after beginning this journey is schedule a period of time when the entire public is OFF. I mean, anywhere from 1 to 3 months. People have been robbed of time, just like money, and we need to let the public begin to mend in other ways. During this time, people could actually get to know their families again, people could travel, see things they’ve never seen, meet people from places they’ve never heard of, and basically restore some unity in the human race. You can begin to erase ignorance and abberated behaviors in society if those people have the same opportunities as people who can enjoy leisure life. Some people have never seen anything outside their hometown and some have never met a person from overseas. This time could be a huge siesta in a sense, where people can be creative, experience new environments, foods and art forms; see views only experienced in magazine photos. People could learn about other cultures, learn new languages, and form relationships with people once thought to be “enemies”.  Through education and awareness we could inspire people to be contributors and constructive in their own creative way. There would be no shortage of things to do and everyone working together could begin bringing the formerly vastly divided humans back together.  This time off would most likely become a regular annual event, sort of like a month long holiday, where people can not only get time for themselves but also be encouraged to explore life and the planet.

My ideas extend beyond the borders of our country as well.  I would want to reach out to anyone who also realizes that basic roots of our problems and begin building an infrastructure in their region that could provide for everyone and alleviate stress, poverty, and violence. It would be a more common ground approach – For example, if a group in a particular region did resort to violence as a way to address certain situations, my approach would be more like – if we can get past small differences, address the issues that affect the masses, and work together to use our energies in building positive values and efficient, sustainable infrastructure, would you be willing to at least disarm? If not, call a cease fire and stop the killing/violence? As long as we remain a military force that occupies countries to extract resources and land, we will not feel very invited. If we actually went in there with an army of engineers and scientists and started paving the roads, getting the clean water running, building efficient housing, etc., I think those people would have a little more confidence in our efforts and may even “soften” a bit in favor of peace.

For those out there who think money and politics are the way to go, there are a few scenarios I can think of to challenge these concepts. As for politics – see above. Unless you like war, being heavily taxed, being told what to do,  whats good for you/what isn’t, and contributing to a system that supports all these massive financial structures (while you scrape along), then I see no reason to participate in such a system.

As for money, it can create a variety of scenarios – How about a wealthy guy (or girl) – who hops into their fancy, expensive car, and weaves through traffic thinking life is all good, and has an unfortunate encounter with someone not so fortunate. You see, driving behind him is a young man (or woman) who is very low income, in massive debt, and had to decide between paying rent to keep a roof over he and his family’s head, or pay for the failing brakes on the car. Well, he decided to pay rent so he wouldn’t be on the street, and he figured the brakes weren’t gone yet, so he’d probably be ok. Well on this day, the rich guy was weaving through traffic so much he didn’t see the cars stopped in the next lane and had to come to a fairly abrupt halt. The poor guy behind him also sees the stopped vehicles, yet when he brakes, the care doesn’t stop – and at full speed he plows into the back of the rich guys’ vehicle, igniting the gas tank and killing everyone in both vehicles. Did it matter that the guy was secure in his financial position, in the “safe”, expensive car? No it didn’t. It seems that deprivation in one part of society can cause ill effects in another part of society simply because is exists.

Another scenario – You don’t believe in universal health care, you think everyone should have to work for it, you don’t care much because you have money to afford it. However, as you got onto the metro one day, deciding not to drive, you didn’t realize how much you would want to change your ideas about universal health care. You see, another passenger on the train didn’t have money for health care, and because they are low income, they couldn’t take time off. So, they brought a highly contagious, potentially lethal illness into the train. Later on the news that night, a news brief comes on about an illness that sickened a train full of people, killing a few as well. Sure, someone with money may have been able to get some treatment, but they still had to go through the experience. In the worst case, their life could be taken. Is it worth all that to keep profits running through big corporations? Doesn’t it seem that – the healthier everyone is, the less likely anyone would have to go through such a traumatic situation?

You can envision situations like this happening in so many ways that could go bad – Wealthy person goes to the atm to grab some money for the big night out on the town, yet little did that person know that close by, another person who is starving and has nothing decided that to survive they would have to take from someone else. The wealthy person gets their cash out of the machine, the poor person steps out of the shadows firing a single shot to the head – the result – a dead person missed by many, and all for a relatively few bucks – and a person who just took their first step to what could be many more violent incidents, simply to survive.

Money itself is worthless. You can’t eat it, use it for fuel in a vehicle, use it for medicine, build with it, nothing! If you were floating in the ocean and you had two choices in places to go – one island in the distance to the left with a huge pile of cash, probably trillions of dollars, yet no animals, trees, vegetation, people, or shelter. Yet, to the right, there is another island – this one teaming with animals, vegetation, trees to build shelter and just a few people who have welcomed you to share in all their lands goodness – yet there isn’t a single dollar on the island, not even the idea of currency. Which of these places would you choose to inhabit? The answer should be clear. Money is just an idea. It was created in a time when society made it useful, but we have outgrown that idea. It seems to be a barrier to progress and root of greed and corruption. Yet, we have been convinced that it is more important than almost anything else, and we must all compete for a piece. We should not be surprised with any of this when the system is based on self-preservation and competition.

The point is, no matter how much wealth you gain, or how big you think you can build your wall – outside issues could cross into your world, leaving you wishing that there was more equality so that the person pointing a gun at your face doesn’t pull the trigger over a petty incident, or petty materials. As cold as this may sound, this is a reality for a lot of people. People who work at creating a better planet should be people who are in touch with these realities. We don’t have time to wait to hear the opinions of some very out of touch people, sitting in a fancy marble building. This just holds back all progress. Through the test of time, politics doesn’t seem to have fixed anything – many issues continue to get worst. The debates always sound the same, the politicians’ interest always sound the same – and they are not the same interests as the public. It may seem that way when they use their legal powers to create more restrictive policies and laws, but it’s only that way it you support it. If the masses stopped supporting the very things that hurt and enslave them, the monetary and political systems would fail very rapidly.

In the end, money will be a brief mechanism to build the high standard of living we ALL deserve and then spend the money away until the infrastructure is self-maintaining and the awareness of the public has moved away from the contrivance of currency. When that happens, the jobs will slowly fade away, and humans will perform like never before. No more restrictions to their time, their priorities are in order, the fear has dissipated, the knowledge and awareness constantly growing. We would enter space, we would have real solutions to natural disasters, we would see all humans co existing and working together for the betterment of their neighbor and environment. You’d see far less crime and violence, no wars for resources, no one telling you another human being is your enemy. You may actually begin to see what a true civilization should be, and begin to experience and embrace a four letter word that isn’t bad and is lacking in society – Love.

These are just some of the ideas I have, but if we presented ideas like this to the public in a big way, and challenged the political establishment in the next election, we could at least create a huge wave of interest and a general knowledge that there is a group of people out there who are thinking deeply about these things and proposing ideas that are truly in the best interest of everyone, including the 1%. I will say that I had a few people in mind I’d like to reach out to for an effort like this if it was actually to go anywhere. I think people who come from a political or financial background could beneficial in bridging differences, helping communicate with the public. Aside from all of you on the TZM Network, I’d reach out to for a variety of reasons – Peter Joseph, Jacques & Roxanne @ TVP, Jesse Ventura, Gerald Celente, David Degraw, Max Keiser, Dennis Kucinich, Bernie Sanders, Ron Paul, Richard Wilkinson, Robert Sapolsky, Gabor Mate, Dr. Robert Melamide, Rick Simpson, Dr. Stanislaw Burzynski, Raphael Mechoulam, Ben McCleish, Brandi Hume, and Matt Berkowitz to name a few

I’m sure many of you have other people and organizations to bring into the mix, but you get the idea – bring together the people of various studies, begin working towards phasing out money while increasing our technological understandings and production to create the abundance needed. I’d love to hear any feedback on this. Like Gandhi said, “Be the change you want to see in the world”. As much as I’ve enjoyed venting on forums with you all, hanging with activists, and watching the Occupiers begin a new awareness, nothing will work more than action. Besides civil disobedience, and mass non participation, running for office in this capacity may be our only chance… because I’m not seeing much change now with people sitting in tents, screaming at buildings, bickering amongst each other, or “voting” politicians into office…


Does this interest you? Did you read this whole thing and instead of wanting to hang yourself, you want to get up and figure out how to fix this? This train of thought is for the engineer in all of us.

I’ve got some good posts coming soon! Sorry for the haitus…I needed to come up with more shit to say :p



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