RBE for president, installment #2

Continued words from Neal Jones, just another member of The Zeitgeist Movement like myself. Regular ol’ people.

Installment #1 can be found here.


First things to cut:

Federal Reserve – It boggles my mind how contrivances control the world. We find out that the Fed was created in some very shady, back door manor and we still allow it to exist? They’re gone – and all the funds they’ve extracted over the years will be reallocated.

Federal Income Tax – Same as the FR, the public SHOULD know about the illegal income tax, that doesn’t pay for any infrastructure, is a voluntary tax, is not apportioned (redistributed equally), and that the 16th amendment did not change for the masses. Money that was collected from the public will finally be redistributed.

IRS – The goonsquad, fear mongering, wealth extractors will have to go

DEA – Drug use, or should I say abuse – is not a crime. No one should be told what to do in the privacy of their own home, as long as it does not harm or interfere with others. If someone abuses drugs, then better course of action is treatment and education. When I say education, I mean getting to the root cause of why people may abuse drugs and work to eliminate it as much as possible. Through my research, it seems that poverty, deprivation, and the stresses of getting by in life can make it very easy for people to resort to escapism in one way or another. It’s just a matter of moderation. The harder someone’s life may be, the more there is a chance someone could begin to abuse the altering of your body’s chemistry and consciousness. The way the system treats drugs in this day and age is anything but positive. DEA will be MIA in favor of education, treatment, and human rights. This would include releasing all restrictions on the studying and positive use of cannabis/cannabis hemp.

Wars – From military to drug – wars must be stopped in favor of reaching out, repairing relationships, creating a low stress environment, and providing necessities of life. All funds going towards science to hurt people will be reinvested in science to help people. Gone would be CIA, Blackwater, and any other secret special ops type of groups that use copious funds to do shady deeds. This includes the war on “Terror”.

TSA – The people who have been hired to grope and detain citizens would have to go. No longer will we be held up at transportation locations for a seemingly fictitious enemy we need to always be afraid of. We can address concerns of dangerous items with technology – like devices that only detect explosives and harmful items – quickly safely, and easily – maybe even before it gets into the location. The whole budget for this supposed war on terror would need to be reallocated. There are ways to make society safer without taking freedoms and causing fear and hysteria.

Restructuring of the FDA – We need this to be an organization that does not operate on the motive of profit, but making sure society is getting the best quality food, and safest most effective medicines. From my research, progress is stifled in favor of profits. This is very disturbing; particularly in recent research I’ve done about Dr. Stanislaw Burzynski and the stifling of his antineoplaston discoveries for cancer cures (same situation with Rick Simpson discovering multiple benefits of cannabis oil, like cancer curing properties). This would need a complete overhaul – including criminal charges for all the people maintained such a practice which made ill and/or killed many civilians.

Politics – Outdated method of trying to operate society. We do not need to give opinions to make a better planet, we need to be the self-correcting organisms that we are, and do away with old ideas that provably hold humans back, and not just Americans, but ALL people. We need to arrive at new ideas based on updated understandings, not the whims of a few people. The scientific method will be utilized to deal with problem solving – not war and violence. Many politicians could face criminal charges for upholding such a system that provably leads to practically every type of problem we see today.

Child Support System – Gone forever! The gov’t has no business in family’s business. This is yet another criminal institution that does nothing positive, and would be dismantled immediately. There are far better ways to handle family affairs, but our established system likes to do things the outdated old fashioned way – like jail people, take away rights, extract wealth,  leading to all sorts of neurosis, like suicides. With what I’ve been through, what I’ve read others have been through, and the testimony of Family Court whistleblowers, it appears this is one of the most corrupt and damaging parts of our system. The people who run this operation need to face criminal charges.

Debt forgiveness – All personal debt would have to go. There are many ways people fall into debt, but through education, we can show exactly how this system is based on debt, making it very difficult to avoid. People need to begin to be freed of various stresses, and this is one that would have to go. No one should be in debt to, or in a state of servitude to anyone else.

With the above actions, we can release those funds to various sectors to begin the transition. However, there are other things to address, that rightfully would be concerns for some.

First, I’d like to touch on crime – We would have to look at what truly is a crime and what isn’t. Murder, rape, and any type of harm from one person to another, would still be considered a crime, but also added to that list would be exploitation and profiteering. Personal choices in the privacy of one’s home, be it “drug” use, sexual orientation, religious practices – are no one’s business but those who wish to live the way they do.

All people in prison for simple possession and moderate drug use would be released immediately. People who have serious addiction problems would be released to treatment centers (and these facilities need to be high end). People who have committed actual crimes against people would need to re-evaluated. It seems through personal research that most people in jail for violent acts come from very harsh and difficult environments. After learning how this system works, one can see how these violent behaviors can manifest as well as spin out of control. The conclusion I have is that prison seems like the last type of environment you’d want to put a person from such a hard background. Prisons would need to be completely rebuilt as places ofactual rehabilitation. If these people came from hard, ugly conditions, give them clean, mentally and physically healthier conditions to dispel the aberrations.

This brings us to Police. I’m not sure exactly what the police force is supposed to be right now, but they don’t seem to be well known for protecting and serving. They seem more like a corrupt group who initiates violence, fear and harassment in the public’s homeland. Police will be assigned to real crimes against individuals, and any sort of unnecessary fear tactics and violence used against the public will be treated as just as much of a crime. There will be no more kicking in doors and shooting the dogs of people who are sitting in front of tv smoking a joint. Tax money will not be used to uphold prohibition and Mexican Drugs Wars, or any other unnecessary spending that just ends up creating a nanny state. Police will need to become problem solvers in society. They can reduce the danger of their occupation by reducing mechanisms which cause hard and unfair environments. All laws, and methods of law enforcement would need to be completely re-evaluated based on updated understandings.

Society has dealt with numerous problems and insufficiencies due to the issues I’ve discussed. Let us not forget that is hasn’t just been money that has been taken, but many lives as well. So many have lost their lives due to wars, hate built from propaganda and conditioning, restrictions of products that can help people in favor of tools that will hurt people, ridiculous laws and policies used to enslave people, and building a society around contrived, artificial ideas instead of reality. People have been manipulated, dumbed down, detached from real priorities, and forced / scared into maintaining this nonsense! Our council will not dumb people down, we will smarten them up! We want people to be well informed so that these types of harmful ideas couldn’t even make their way to fruition. We want people to reach their full potential, be as creative as they can be, and contribute on a level they never dreamed possible. To make this happen, we must create the conditions in which this would be possible.

One goal is to free people from monotonous, boring, repetitive, mundane work. That idea can confuse people because in this system, they are told they are worthless, lazy, and ignorant for not submitting to a job. But like it or not, working a job for a long period of time can lead to laziness and ignorance. It detaches you from reality because you have to focus on something else – maintaining a profit for some corporation. It robs you of time – something so important that is rarely discussed. When you are robbed of time, you face the loss of family cohesion, like barely seeing your kids or spouse and hardly knowing what’s happening in their lives (which leads to other familial problems); you don’t always have the time to get the exercise necessary to stay in shape or time to eat the right foods in your 30 minute lunch break at work –  this results in many health problems; the time robbed from you the whole day while you’re at work results in many just going home and “vegging” in front of petty entertainments like ridiculous tv shows and video games (and this is coming from a big movie and game fan). This results in people not paying attention to real problems in the world, and getting their quick sound bite news from corrupt media networks leading to mass misinformation. Even when one loses a job, why would they want to go back to such a waste of life type of environment? The only thing that keeps them going back is the fact that they need this stuff called money if they want to eat. That’s not very positive incentive, and it’s no wonder people resort to “hustling” as a way to acquire their needs. You have to pay people to work because most work is so mundane and, a lot of times, out of touch with the person’s interest. So in the end, you can see how the loss of time can result in laziness and ignorance. We would need to rethink “work” and create an environment where people can contribute, but also maintain a happy family and social life.

As a transition step, the jobs will be in full supply as we need to rebuild our entire infrastructure. We would need to do a complete survey of the planet to see what and how many resources we have. Rebuilding includes all levels of production to create new methods of energy, transportation, housing, food cultivation, and healthcare that are that absolute highest efficiency and quality using sustainable methods. The key is to use all the money taken from the public and put it back into humans and the environment. We can work with economists/former economists on the best way to do this; they contrived many ways money can work for them, now let’s make it work for the masses (for a while). During the rebuilding of the infrastructure, education and awareness would be in full swing. We want to show that we don’t all have to be cogs on a wheel – we can all be Einstein’s, DaVinci’s, and Fresco’s, but we have to be freed to do this. The new infrastructure would be created to basically run itself as much as possible so that humans can pursue new interests and more importantly, become better problem solvers.


Part three to come! Full post can be found here on the TZM social network site.


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