A big effing idea

Neal Jones, a member of The Zeitgeist Movement like myself, has come up with a big idea. I am going to be posting his words in the next few blog posts as installments. They are truly inspiring. Will you join us?

Installment #2 can be found here.


I’m going to propose something very major. At a time like this, there really isn’t much to lose.  In a radio address not long ago, Peter Joseph of TZM was doing some Q & A and one of the questions was, would he ever run for president? He said he would not, but that he would support someone running on the RBE platform (and I realize Scott Keller is already trying something similar). He said essentially, that he would be curious to see how far it would, what kind of reaction it would get. Well this is what I want to do – Basically run for office.

I know you may wonder about my “credentials”, and in the political realm I have none. I only have real world experiences in this system that has given me some perspective. I grew up in Pittsburgh, where to this day, neighborhoods still seem divided by color. I have a Scottish mother and African American father, so I experienced many forms of racism. I experienced some wealth when my mother became semi successful, and experienced poverty as my father became very poor after my parents divorced – he ended up dying from a heart attack when I was 12. I experienced an environmental shift towards hostile conditions when Crips and Bloods came into Pittsburgh, and all the ramifications of associating with gangs. I had a child at an early age and experienced the difficulties of life as a young parent. I ended up in the child support system, which is one of the most corrupt in the country and has caused numerous issues in my life. My mother ended up diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease, and I’ve experienced all the problems of synthetic medications and the denial/ignorance about how cannabis could help. Finally, I have worked in the corporate arena for over a decade, gaming my way through life until now. So, I am just like any of you – just trying to survive in this “game”, with many obstacles thrown at you along the way. But, the idea would not be to run as an individual – this would be a group of people who support and would work towards what could be called an Resource Based Economy (RBE). This wouldn’t be just Americans, but people from all over the world – TZM advocates, TVP advocates, scientists, economists (for the transition), engineers, artists, etc. I guess a suitable “title” could be the World Efficiency Sustainability & Preservation Council. Keep in mind, I wouldn’t expect we would win, but even if it gave us a chance to debate against politicians to show how obsolete their thinking is, and get some awareness into the minds of millions, it would be worth it. Worth it because too many are hurting, starving, stressed, and depressed from such an outdated structure. It would be a good time because of all the people across the globe who are currently rallying to challenge this system and because those people always watch our elections with heavy interest.

Lastly, I would to try to do this with as little money as possible. As we all now know, it’s not really a democracy if money influences your position. We should reinforce to this to the public as our votes should be about the concerns of the betterment of the planet on multiple levels. This is what will support and maintain positive health and wellbeing for all life. We need to vote for ideas, not opinionated politicians, and I think people would hear this now more than ever with so many being so, so poor and desperate for something that will actually help them. I myself, am not rich in the slightest, have no savings, have a good amount of debt, no ties to any banks or politicians – just like all of you. We the people, the working class, the failing middle class, the poor – are the ones who need to make this happen. We power everything that funnels up to the top, so we need to use our power to bring it back to the public domain.

Here are some things I would propose as part of the campaign –

The Economy

If elected, we would propose transitioning to what could be labeled a Resource Based Economy. I realize it would not be possible to do this immediately, but through a transition. From my research, it seems that there are several factors that create a lot of the problems today, in the economic sense, like the following:

The questionable creation of the Federal Reserve; The Federal Income Tax; IRS fear and intimidation tactics; The application of interest; control of the health care industry and their restriction of beneficial compounds and treatments (like cannabis and antineoplastons) in favor of synthetically produced drugs, which knowingly cause mass amounts of health problems; the corrupt Child Support system (and its destruction of lives and family in favor of wealth  extraction); insurance company fraud; energy insufficiencies – the many ways natural (NOT alternative!) energies which could provide long term energy and financial relief for citizens is stifled in favor of wealth (and permitting all of the harmful pollutants, environmental damage, and waste); privatization of prisons; exploitation of poor countries; permitting the use of knowingly harmful products like alcohol & tobacco in favor of profits, govt cahoots with banks and corporations for various schemes of wealth extraction and control; stifled technology in favor of obsolescence and waste, maintaining prohibition (in favor of wars, prisons, police, courts, judges, and taxes); Stifling the hemp industry (to maintain outdated methods of fuel use, plastics, textiles, food, etc.); Allowing misinformation in the media in favor of propaganda, fear, control, & profits; Control of the food industry and allowing all of the hazardous methods of “food production” in favor of what? You guessed it PROFITS! – all have been responsible for the various detriments in society.

You could go into each of those topics in depth and flesh out all of the ways of the current establishment’s institutionalized methods of classism and propaganda have carried them through, and wealth extraction is always at the top of the list. The contrivance called money was created and has become distorted more and more by the money makers resulting in these issues and distorted values. It’s bad enough people have been convinced to work their entire lives (for someone else for the most part) and accept much less than their actual worth, so that they can game their way through life in an artificial social experiment – but to find ways to manipulate the system to extract more from them is absolutely criminal… SO, the way to fund the plan I propose is by using the system against itself – take back the money that has been extracted from the “99%” and reinvest it in a new infrastructure for the planet.


More of Neal’s words to come!

If you found this interesting and want to read more now instead of waiting for the rest, please go check out his post at The Zeitgeist Movement Social site here.


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