Cymatics (how sound manipulates matter) or why love?

(I said in my last post that I would be posting next about how problems create jobs – I spoke too soon. These posts sort of come organically as I feel inspired to write about the topics, so that one will come a little later).

My last post implored you to be happy. And I told you that I feel like I’m one of the happiest people I know. And I mentioned my job as one the things I feel I have been able to bring into being by making the right choices, but I should clarify–anything economic-related that I may have referred to in the last post (job, and in the same token education), I do NOT believe was simply the fact of me wanting them and making good decisions that I have those. Some of that is due to chance – being born into the socioeconomic status that I was. Please don’t waste that chance if you have it. But I do realize no one can just make themselves happy if they don’t have enough to eat or pay rent.

[But so many don’t, and that’s why I promote an idea I’ll call “all things being equal, what can you do with your life?” How do we get them equal? Bring on the logical idea of creating an actual, sustainable system based on the idea that we can ALL benefit from the our technology and give everyone an extremely high standard of life.]

So the third question, the one about love, that I have come to ask myself as I live my life- that question has only entered my thinking as recently as maybe last summer. I am going to tell you the origins of it, and don’t laugh! Basically I read anything I an get my hands on about extra terrestrial stuff, I love Ancient Aliens on the History Channel, and I am pretty convinced they are here and have been for a long time, but whatevs. We definitely don’t have to agree on that. But what I read this summer in Family of Light by Barbara Marciniak changed my life, even if it didn’t convince me of the origins of the book (which was that it’s channeled words were from an alien race called the Pleiadians). I’m not sure I buy that, but the message that was delivered was beautiful. It said that the creational energy that brought our universe into being was love. And that love was the life sustaining force in the world. And it gave a scientific reason for this – and that is that love is a frequency.

Our bodies are full of energy. When our neurons fire, when we move, when all the electrons in all the atoms of our bodies are moving, when we digest food, all of this creates energy. Our moods create energy. We, as biological entities, give off electromagnetic frequencies. It’s just in the nature of organic matter. It’s always changing, moving, growing. Plus, we speak. We actually produce sound frequencies that propagate out into space.

And this is what waves (specifically sound waves in this case) do when they hit matter. This video shows a sound plate with sand on it as higher and higher frequencies are sent thru the plate. (This is a really really cool video. Please watch this one!)

As the frequency waves get higher, this causes matter to corral according to the interference pattern of the waves, which get more and more complicated. There are many other videos of other substances being manipulated. The range of diversity of the way matter acts depending on the notes, the vibration, be it liquid, plastic, or sand, is really cool, and it follows very familiar patterns – the patterns of life. Check out this video here about the Ascient Solfeggio frequencies, frequencies used in ancient Gregorian chants. (It starts a little slow, skip to :30 seconds). At 1:30 there is an amazing sequence where it shows how these frequencies relate to the Fiboncacci sequence as the building blocks of life.

What these videos prove is that the frequencies we give off literally affect the world around us. Think of your attitude. Think of the words you speak to people and how you speak them. Think of your body language. Think if you are smiling or not. All of these things add up to the electromagnetic frequencies that are eminating from you. And these frequencies will bounce around and hit other frequencies out in the world and create patterns. If you give off the frequencies of fear, pain and anger, those will propagate out into space and hit other waves of the same frequency (notice how negative people flock together?) and come back to you. You will be a node in that interference pattern created with those negative frequencies. Fear, pain and anger will continue to surround you.

But if you do the opposite and try to have the frequency of love eminating from you, you will draw the frequency of love to you.

The way I think of it is I try to hold the idea of doing everything from a place of love and then visualizing projecting that out into space. (It has been proven that if you visualize something, your brain actually can’t tell the difference between really doing it, and imagining doing it.)

If you try to always keep love coming from you, you will find that you can’t really do things that have bad intentions, and you will never “feel dumb.” And it won’t feel like you are being forced to “be good.” It won’t be like obeying a set of rules that a religion has laid out for you. It will be coming from you, organically, and will make you the one in charge, the one in power.

I don’t think being able to project love is easy. You basically have to work through all the negative stuff in your life, your heart, your relationships. That takes a lot of work. You need to get to the point where you feel you can forgive everyone that has wronged you. And by forgive, I really just mean let whatever it is your mad about, go. Just let it go. Harboring bad feelings and feelings of revenge and fear are the worst things you can do when you are trying to be happy.

I have had a fairly easy road to being able to “send out a frequency of love.” I know many people can’t say the same. A lot of people experience horrible pain, poverty, loss and abuse. What I hope by sharing this philosophy is that enough people will be sending out the frequency of love that it will change the nature of things and people won’t have to suffer like they do now.

And on top of that, if you want to change the behaviors of people, you have to change what the system reinforces. People will do whatever the system needs them to do to survive. And in the case of our current economic situation where the greediest, least empathetic people are praised and given million dollar bonuses, ethics, morality and love get thrown right out the window.


7 thoughts on “Cymatics (how sound manipulates matter) or why love?

  1. Good stuff. Loved reading your last 2 blog posts. I fully agree with your ideas and suggestions. But it’s true that it’s not so easy to put in practice. We are hindered by our predispositions, our negative thoughts and emotions. But I will certainly try sending out the frequency of love more often.

    It comes down to freeing your mind. Because that’s the freedom we should try to reach.

    Spread the love!

    • you are right jonas – it seems like a monumental task, but every little bit we can change our attitude will help change the physical manifestations on this planet. i am fully convinced of that. thanks for reading!! much love!

    • thanks jack! great article. i am very intrigued with 528 Hz. I read about it while writing and researching this blog post, but i just didn’t have room to fit it into the post. i like the way you presented the information. i am also very excited about the oil clean up experiment. i’d love to see more of that being researched. great to meet you in the ZM chat last night!

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