It won’t take a dictator

My best friend’s husband always gives me a gift of an idea for a post when I talk to him about the state of the world and encourage him to read my blog. He always ends up asking me a question or making a statement that I have an answer to, but I cut the conversation short b/c the company we are with is sick of the conversation (or so I assume).

After I had been explaining more about a resource-based economy, he came to the conclusion that the only way this system could be implemented is by a dictator. I vehemently disagreed but didn’t explain why. Here is my explanation.

This system will only take effect when we as a global society choose it. And by we, I mean each of us individually coming to this answer on our own. You cannot force this sort of society on people. That goes against the very spirit of the idea. If it would take a dictator to implement it, then we are not ready for it. We will only be ready for this sort of radical solution when each of us comes to the conclusion that our current system no longer works and that something must be done.

Now maybe you think that’s impossible, and that’s why you think only a dictator could do it. I don’t believe so. Look around. The ideas behind Occupy Wall Street are finally held by enough people to make a movement. Do you think these complaints against the system are going to go away if we vote a certain candidate in? Of course not. Quite the opposite in fact. They are only going to grow in numbers as more and more people get screwed by a dying machine.

And as these movements grow in numbers over the years, more and more people are going to begin to look for solutions. They will seek out alternative answers to our world’s problems. And the The Zeitgeist Movement and The Venus Project will be patiently waiting with information and solutions to offer.

This may take decades. I don’t know if I will be alive to see the human species mature enough to embrace a resource-based economy. But I hope so.


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