Systems are the secret

My readers. I am not writing these posts so to show you I’m right or that these ideas are right because I say so. I don’t think I am right because I am me. Instead, I think I have gathered enough evidence to convince me of certain truths; truths that if they are not brought to light and dealt with are going to destroy us (and by us I mean humanity). I am presenting evidence of problems on our planet that I have found through a lot of time of research (most don’t need me to present evidence, these stories are on the news every day). I am trying to sound a warning bell. And then I am trying to show that there are possible solutions to these problems. Solutions that are not my ideas or anything in anyway that I think I have come up with. I have instead joined a global network of people that are trying to advance an idea, a train of thought, a logical procession that shows that if we keep doing X, we will be sorry. So let’s try Y instead. So the call is for solutions, always solutions, to keep us from ultimately killing ourselves much sooner than we have to. Maybe they sound like radical solutions. Well, how could there be something that could heal our world without being radical?

And, lucky for us, right now a radical new physics is being discovered that can change our world. It’s based on the idea of spin and systems. All systems spin (like the earth, atoms, galaxies, etc). We need to learn to use that spin and apply it to not only physical phenomenon but social phenomenon. Please watch at least the first of the two videos. I found these tonight as I was writing this post. Coinkedink? I think not. It’s only 10 min and it explains things I’ve been trying to piece together since I learned about fractals. This is absolutely amazing, revelatory information everyone should hear.

This new physics tells us that we need to be thinking of all parts of the whole of the planet to heal it. We must think about healing all problems with large, over arching solution. Because we are in multiple system failure.  People rob and steal and kill each other, we are in two wars, unemployment is steadily staying high, our government cannot or refuses to compromise on anything, a billion people in the world are starving, there are civil wars all over the world, genocide, natural disasters are on the rise, weather patterns are changing and messing with animal species, the ice caps are melting at an alarming rate, our jobs are being taken over by technology (post about this topic coming shortly)…shall I go on?  We are on a precipice that many have been trying to warn us about but we ignored them. (President Carter comes to mind with his solar panels on the White House that Reagan promptly removed.)

The solutions that have so far been offered to our problems are lacking in that they only address any one or two given aspects of our system. They address just climate change, for instance. Or they just address crime. Or they just address jobs. Or they just address starving people.

The solution I want to strive for offers a solution to all of those problems. It is the resource based economy (RBE).

Maybe you think an RBE is a great idea, but you don’t think it could ever happen. How could we ever get people to agree to give up money? I know when you say it like this it sounds impossible. But you have to think of it in terms of steps, or parts, or (!) a system.

The first step is just awareness. Letting people know (like I am trying to do) that there are groups out there trying to do this. We are obviously still in that phase. Once awareness takes off and people come to this idea on their own, the idea will spread like wildfire.

There is a lot of info about transition and possible ways to do it. One idea that I particularly like is the idea of setting up new cities and infrastructure and feeding money into those as a temporary boost to the current economy. Get everyone back to work updating our cities to be 100% environmentally friendly, redesigned transportation and delivery systems and make everything look, well, futuristic. Because our technology can provide that future right now. So we boost the economy over a 10-15 year span while we rebuild for Earth. We rebuild the cities to each have a main frame computer. That main frame is connected to every other main frame in every other city and our resources are monitored electronically. Our water is always flowing, our food is always delivered (or we can go and pick it if we’d like), we always have a place to live because there will be enough homes built for all people. Jacque Fresco, industrial designer and founder of The Venus Project, has laid out plans for how to do all of this. His work is amazing and inspiring.

Buckminster Fuller said it’s not about fighting the current system. We should be building a new system that makes the old one obsolete.


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