Trust shouldn’t be a dirty word

I was talking to my mom and she was asking me to help her pick out a shirt for my husband for Christmas. She’s got pretty good fashion sense, but she worries a lot. So as she was describing the things she’d seen, I just kept saying “I trust you Mom! You can pick it out.” Because you know what? If she picks something he doesn’t like he can always return it. If she “messes up,” it’s not really a big deal.

I know this is a a very minor example, but what does it mean when we say we trust people? It means we are saying we have confidence in their abilities, in their decisions. It means we think they are a good person who will make the right choice.

Let’s expand this discussion to the work place. Doesn’t it feel good when your boss trusts you? Who likes a micromanaging tyrant standing over you, checking your every move? I’ve had this. It’s not good. And when your boss trusts you, don’t you feel like you owe them a good performance? When we trust people, most individuals will want and desire to step up to the plate and live up to our expectations. That’s human nature. We like to prove ourselves.

A resource-based economy that I mentioned in the last post would absolutely require that we trust each other. It would require that we put our faith in our fellow humans. It would require that we recognize the reciprocity of trust. If we trust others to contribute to society, we must also contribute. It’s a two way street.

Maybe many of you are saying there is no way this system would work. You say “how many people mooch off the system right now?” Some for sure. But how many more people go to work or are trying to find a job to support themselves and their family? How many people do you know that if they were told they could have plenty to eat, a nice place to live, access to the best most up to date technology, all for FREE, wouldn’t want to contribute a little bit?

Ahh, but let’s get back to those moochers! What a lot, right? Lazy, stupid, drunk, high parasites! Get a job! They are the downfall of society! Well, not really. There have always been lazy people and there will always be people that want to mooch off the system, and countries and empires still rise and fall. Like I said, a resource based economy is NOT a utopia. There will be moochers. There will be aberrant behavior. But it will drastically drop if people’s needs are met. And the ones that still mooch? Well, fuck em. At least everyone in the world will be fed. I can live with a few moochers. I can’t live with two-thirds of the world living on $2 a day.


3 thoughts on “Trust shouldn’t be a dirty word

  1. This is so true, and very well said…somewhere along the way the American dream was modified from ‘striving to attain a certain standard of living, honestly through hard work” to “get rich any way you can, and screw everyone else”. That is the problem with our economy now, the rich have hustled the middle class. I don’t mean to defend the ‘moochers’ either, they are what they always have been, and that will never change. But like you said there are people out there who still have faith in the American dream, and want to achieve status on their own, without breaking the rules, and they are hindered by a world structured for the rich. Health care alone could sink a middle class family who are under insured. The middle class has been working for the MAN (the 1%) for a long time, and that is how the middle class has built themselves up. BUT if the man wants to take away the power the middle class yields they can, and they have. Let’s face it, tax cuts for rich people did not fix the economy, deregulating banks and Wall Street did not fix the economy, it actually drove it into the ditch. The Middle Class is the engine of the economy, and the old American dream of honest hard work is what made this country great a long time ago, and as long as the politicians and CEO’s don’t continue to impede it, it is what will save the us now too…

    • thank you for reading and commenting carrie g! i agree with all you said, except the last part….nothing will fix the current system because it will inherently destroy itself thru waste. we need a fix for the bigger problem, which is the monetary system. all other solutions will just be band aids on a doomed system. hence, see previous post: Another Way.

  2. we see the same in the UK. We are told that there is no money, whilst the politicians give themselves huge pay rises, live in second homes paid for by the public and claim their entire sustenance as expenses, whilst ensuring that the largest corporations pay them back handers to ensure that they get away paying no tax. The burden is picked up by the general public and diversion tactics, misinformation and spin is used to blame the poor, sick and vulnerable for what little money people have in their pockets. There is no shortage of blame or fear mongering, and we are promised things will get better if we sell off all the public services that we have all paid for, for a fraction of their value to their rich chums, who’ll rent it back to use for twice the price to ensure that they get their nice big fat profits.
    Those that can’t afford it are a burden to the system and left to starve in their own homes whilst those responsible point the finger at each other, promising that it’ll never happen again – but it always does.
    We see the gradual introduction of economic eugenics, where those that survive thrive, whilst those that break are replaced by an endless supply of those desperate to take their place, before they break and also subsequently replaced.
    More people are waking up, but despite the solidarity and protests, the media do their best to ignore it, and hope that they all go home at the end of the day, happy that they have made a noise and waved their banners for the day.
    So much of the country is gripped by fear. Fear of never quite having enough to get by, or fear of losing what they already have.
    The only solution to this problem we are told is – get them before they get you

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