Put good in, get good out

I’m sure a lot of us heard about the crazy Walmart pepper spray incident on Black Friday as well as the other tales of shoppers gone wild. There was footage too of mobs fighting each other tooth and nail for toasters. Toasters, people.

Yet on the very same news pages, we see the headlines “Black Friday spending highest ever!” and people rejoice in that — oh good! People are spending again!

On one hand were shown how messed up some of us are when it comes to consuming, and on the other we are praised for our consuming habits. To many, that contradiction is okay—Spend! But make sure to be polite about it.

To me and many others, this is not a viable way of life.

When humans encounter an environment, we tend to adapt to it. Whether it be cold, dry, hostile or comfortable. Our behavior tends to change to fit in with that environment. We are malleable, which is a wonderful and powerful trait of human and animal life. We are resilient and strong and can take more than we usually think we can and keep surviving (note the use of the word “survive” and not “live”).

The thing is, the 1% know that we are malleable. And they use that fact in every way to their advantage. They advertise false promises, false thinking and false values (This product will make you lose weight! These jeans will get you a man! This bag says you have it all and that you are somebody!)

They also know that once we see someone else wearing or using whatever their product is, we will want it more. We will want to fit in with others. Humans are social animals. There aren’t many of us that attempt to be “different” in this day and age. Different is generally looked upon as bad. So we want because we want to fit in.

Then when some of us don’t have the money to get that product, we may be looked down upon because we do not have it. So our want becomes a yearning for people to like us, not even for the product itself.

I’m not saying all people behave this way, but the majority of us do to some degree, at least subconsciously.

This psychology leads to the pepper spraying woman in Walmart. Many humans are fragile. Many don’t have the support to sort their thinking out. Many didn’t have a decent upbringing. Many were abused. Many will cling to something they think is appropriate or that makes them feel better—like spending money. And this is when the “crazy” kicks in.

Enter the 24/7 news media.

They show this Walmart story and how many other countless stories about effed up people. They show us abusers, crazy religious sects that boycott gay military funerals, murderers, drug dealers and rapists. They run these stories over and over and over ad nauseum until we have no choice but to think, “Man, people are messed up!”

Don’t get me wrong, these stories should obviously be reported on and the criminals dealt with. But you know what? How many really really great people are out there for every screwed up person? If you think logically (which so many people do not do these days) the ratio is probably huge. How many people do you know that haven’t committed a crime?

But the news media would never cover the decent people, because that’s not entertainment! Sigh. Yes, I know there are exceptions like “CNN Heroes” and other similar things, but it ain’t enough!

So, we begin to really think people are messed up. And that we need to be protected from the “bad ones.” And that we need someone to govern us and tell us what to do. People can’t be left to their own devices! Idle hands are the devil’s playthings! Etc, etc.

But, see, we are living in a petri dish and being fed steady doses of poison. Can anyone tell me what animal thrives on poison? Can any organism be put into a toxic environment and survive? The only way is to adapt to that toxin or die. We are adapting to our toxins and we are mutating into loveless, empathy-less, greedy organisms. Put bad in, get bad out. The 1% keep feeding us shit, then when we act like idiots, they can then have a reason for the fact that we need someone to make decisions for us. Maybe this is not a “conspiracy,” but it may as well be.

There is another way. We could put good in and get good out. Stay tuned for the next post!


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