The Occupiers, Jesus and New Agers are all really saying the same thing, Part II

When people start conducting their actions with love, from the heart, always with honesty, always with good intentions, we will begin the shift into this new awesome time period that Jesus and New Agers and now Occupy talk about (check out his video: Occupy Wall Street: The Revolution is Love)

Those that choose not to act in this way (because I know that 100% love probably sounds terrible to plenty of people), in essence choose not to live with us that do. So, in effect they will be cast out and “in hell.” The hell of their own creating because they’d rather pile up money and things and status than talk to the homeless guy on the corner and offer him a dollar and hello. They would be more than welcome to come and hang out with us if they would give up their selfish ways, but we won’t accept anything less than love and 100% pure intentions.

A lot of you might say this could never happen. This sort of “age” where everyone cares about each other. It’s wishful thinking right? Well, I don’t really think so. I hear people say all the time that “people are shit.” I still sometimes think that when I’m having a bad day or someone is a jackass to me. But then I think about the fact that there happen to also be a lot of people that aren’t shit. Some that are really good people. Amazing people! We all know those really selfless people that give and give. What about them? That there are some out there should be enough to sway our minds that it is possible for us to create a caring and just society.

And if you still say it could never happen, maybe you should look at yourself and see if you’re the person you think could never be like that.

Oh SNAP! No I di-int.

Now off to watch Ancient Aliens on History Channel. Peace, world!


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