The Occupiers, Jesus and New Agers are all really saying the same thing, Part I

I got some feedback that the blog seemed a little random, which I totally agree with. So I updated the keems is… page to try to pull it together a little more. Check it.

This post ended up becoming a 2-parter! Sheesh. Here is Part I. Part II to come…

Now to the nut meat.“Love Wins: A Book about Heaven, Hell, and the Fate of Every Person Who Ever Lived” is by Pastor Rob Bell. The book talks about the real meaning of Jesus’ teachings and how his message has been misinterpreted and twisted through organized religion in the 2000 years since was alive.

What Jesus was actually preaching was nothing less than revolutionary. It’s still revolutionary today, seeing as what Occupy is fighting for is based on the same ideas. If that sounds like horseshit to you, pick up a New Testament. What Jesus was teaching comes down to loving your neighbor as yourself, forgiveness, equality for all, and caring about and for each other. Jesus preached love. He preached humbling yourself.

He also said “Again I tell you, it is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to enter the kingdom of God.” (Matthew 19:24) I’m 100% positive that if Jesus were alive today, he would be an Occupier.  (Got many ideas here from a great piece just a few weeks into Occupy on the CNN Belief Blog: My Take: Occupy Wall Street looks like church to me by Marisa Egerstrom.)

New Age thinking is also based on the idea of love; as well as connections and being in tune with eachother and the planet so that we can take care of ourselves and it. I think the “new age” that New Agers talk about is actually one and the same as the one Jesus spoke of occurring after the horrors of Revelations (four horsemen of the apocolypse, plagues, earthquakes, etc.) I personally think we’re in the midst of this “Revelation” right now. Things aren’t going so well if you haven’t noticed. We are at a critical point in our history. If we don’t fix things fast, we won’t have much planet left to work with. By 2030 if the population keeps growing and we keep consuming like we do, we will need two Earths. Ummm, what the fuck are we supposed to when that happens? That’s not, like, a million years away. That’s 20 years from now. All the warnings about using up our resources are usually met with disdain by right-wingers and even some lefties.  And they’re right—if the population stayed completely stable. If the population halted exactly where it was right now, we could live on what we’ve got for a while yet (still not that long, but more in the realm of “we don’t need to concern ourselves with that yet”). But the fact is, we know our population is going to keep growing. (Unless people start dying off at an unbelievable rate…hmmm, what does that mean about people that insist we won’t run out of resources? Do they know something we don’t? A hearty side of conspiracy theory anyone?)

So, there are lots of us and we are running out of options. The only choice left is to conserve what we have left and begin a new paradigm, where every single choice we make must be to better our situation. Whether that’s your decision to switch off The Real Housewives or Jersey Shore, shop at the Good Will, give a buck to the homeless guy with the can, buy organic or local, volunteer, be a great friend and listen, or be a great parent and hug and kiss your child and encourage him/or her, or even just think something nice about another person. Just make it something that actually makes this world a better place in some way shape or form. And the really awesome thing that happens when you do these kinds of things? Other people see you do it, and it makes them feel good. And then they are more likely to do something similar. And then the people that see that person do something nice might all do something nice. It multiplies. Exponentially.

Because of that “butterfly effect,” this is what I have to say to those of you that think those small actions have no impact: You. Are. Wrong. Wonderfully, amazingly wrong.


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